Thursday, 29 August 2013

:: I'm feeling a bit spring-spirated ::

{ jonquils in our garden }
I think Spring forgot that he doesn't officially start until next week, because this week has been about as different to the last several dreary months as a rain-sogged sock is to a fluffy-warm-sundried towel. It's like there really is a Spring "switch" up there above the clouds.
The change in temperature (literally double numbers to what we had) has produced a surge of energy in me. I feel fresh, productive, ready to shake of the winter woolies and really welcome Spring into my home and heart.
I've got a few challenges up my sleeve for the month of September. The idea of "minimalism" has been appealing to me for some time now, and although there is no way I could truly cull my possessions back to life-and-death basics, I know that I have way too many things that I would never miss if they were to disappear without my knowledge.
I started my "purge" the other week actually, by selecting a large box from the shed, and making it the mini challenge for the day to fill it. Didn't matter what with... clothes, books, coffee mugs... but I had to fill it with things I could part with, right there and then. It was very easy to do. So now I'm inspired to get even more ruthless, and cut, cut, cut! Is that cake tin that I only use for 'that cake' (which I make once every 4 years) really worth the space it takes up in my pokey, overcrowded kitchen cupboard? Does that pair of shoes that I used to love but are looking a bit too shabby (and have been avoided for the last year) need to go? I found some really good tips in this article here:

My biggest hurdle is overcoming my sentimentality. I am huuugely sentimental, and keep rocks, coins, letters, school assignments, my school desk contents (including my pencil stubs...they were pretty pencils that saw me through many tough days, understand?!) and even my major haircut 'trophies'. I disgust myself sometimes. But it's time to get real. If I lost all this in a housefire, would I even remember I owned it?
The other challenge that Jason and I are giving ourselves for the month of September, is to not buy anything except food. And pay bills obviously. Every time pay day comes around, whatever we have not spent from the last pay, we will transfer into our savings account. We aren't impulse buyers or anything and love our thrift-shopping etc, but it all adds up. And if you think about it, what else do we really need anyway? We are curious to see how much we would have left over if we didn't buy anything we saw that looked 'handy', a 'bargain' or 'that's-just-so-perfect-for-such-and-such'.
Who else feels inspired to let the sunshine get into your bones this Spring and make a change?!
{ love my lavender }


  1. Oh that sounds great! And yes, I am 'so' feeling the spring air {and perhaps now that morning sickness is fading somewhat, the energy revives!}. The other day I typed up a list, with each room in the house and what jobs/sorting needed doing in each room. With the boys and busyness, I know it's going to take awhile to get through but I'm still keen to have the house 'spring cleaned'.
    Joel has a laugh, knowing with each new baby, I become passionate about sugar-soaping walls, etc. and ridding the house of any unnecessary items. Hehe, well clutter is something I very much dislike! Thanks for the link. Looks helpful.
    Hope you are all well? love Beth

    1. I'm so glad your morning sickness has eased, Beth! The spring air is the perfect time to be feeling your peak :).
      You're more organised than me if you have a list! I'm just going to tackle things like a bit of a hurricane I think! Willem is quite unsettled at the moment but I suppose (hope) this won't last long. You are an inspiration to be such an achiever with your fourth little blessing on it's way!! x

  2. grrrrr...I just had a whole comment written and it disappered....

    This sounds like a great plan! I kind of wish it was feeling like spring here because then it would mean winter isn't coming so soon...

    I usually have a such a hard time getting rid of things, especially clothes. I have been getting better at it though. I've gone through my clothes twice in the last little bit and gotten rid of a trash bag full each time.
    I also wonder sometimes what I would actually miss if it was gone all of a sudden.

    Good luck with your saving and cutting!

    1. Oh, don't you HATE IT when that happens??! Wrecks my day.

      Yes, well you've had so many lovely summer adventures Britt, it's our turn now ;).

      Yeah I hold onto clothes I used to wear as a teenager! They made them better quality then too, which is the other reason why I suppose they are still around..


  3. A great project for sept! I'm far from a hoarder but even still we seem to have endless 'things' that need tossing!


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