Sunday, 25 August 2013

:: Mr Willem at 5 months ::

I could stare at this bubba for days.
Willem turned 5 months last week. The poor thing has his first cold at the moment, and it's so sad watching his little nose run and hear him cough. The nights have been pretty rough for me, with him waking every 2 hours or so. I'm really thankful that he can still breathe through his nose and breastfeed normally though. When they can't suck and breathe, that's just heartbreaking.
I haven't started him on solids yet, but will do this coming month. He watches us eat keenly, and I almost feel bad, like we're teasing him and not letting him have any. But he doesn't know what he's missing out on as yet. All he knows is yummy milk! We'll also need to purchase a highchair. That's something I've been putting off, as I'm not a fan of the big ugly space-consuming things. I'd love a stylish European one without the price tag, please.

Willem is a MASSIVE fan of his jolly-jumper, and looooves to bounce when he's out of it too! As soon as you stand him up anywhere (your lap, the floor, the change table), he starts jumping! It's very funny for other people who ask to hold him. He tends to like to stand, so they stand him on their lap and then they get all surprised when he reveals his Mexican-jumping-bean side!
He's discovered his tongue this week (probably something to do with his cold) and does this funny thing where he'll lick his top lip under and start sucking. It's absolutely hilarious, I've got to film it if I can catch it.
I can't believe we're coming up to 6 months. Although there are some difficult days, mothering this little mini boy is a humbling blessing and a privilege.


  1. He's just gorgeous!
    Will keep you in prayer cos I know your pain. Both boys were sick last week but the difficult part was Samson being sick... and he still is. But the Nights are just so rough! He was sleeping 9+ hrs at night and since my milk reduction and he being sick it has been a tough gig!
    We have a Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair which we just loooooove for many reasons. I could not stand to have one of those ugly white transformer like hichairs lol. I did a lot of research and bought one online at a discounted price. Sometimes they even come up on catch of the day.

    1. Thanks for your prayers. Oh I'm sorry that your boys are ill too :(. Poor little Samson!

      That Tripp Trapp chair is PER-FECT and AH-MAZING! Thanks so much for sharing, hmmmm, hope I can get a good deal on one!! xx

  2. He's just beautiful.
    I'm sure if I stole him everyone would think he was one of my babes =)xxx


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