Sunday, 1 September 2013

:: rocky road trifle ::

Mmmm yes, before you all start with the, "That's not sugar free!" bizzo, I am actually going to give credit to blame my husband. He never used to cook. I used to be able to say that he doesn't cook. But since I've pretty well stopped baking with the white stuff, what do you know? We have a new chef in the house! Coincidence....?

It went like this:
J: I want to make a trifle for mum on Sunday.
H: Sure, ok (it's our cheat night).
J: A Rocky Road Trifle!
H: Is there such a thing? I've seen pumpkin gingerbread trifles. Let's google it.
J & H: *googling* 
H: No such thing?! Let's try Pinterest.
J & H: *pinteresting*
H: If there's nothing on Pinterest, it's never been done. Come on babe, you're going to patent this one.

Jason's Rocky Road Trifle

Serves 6
(some preparation needed the day before)

600ml carton Dairy Farmers Thick Custard
1 block plain chocolate (we used Aldi dark)
600ml cream
half a packet of marshmellows
1 packet raspberry jelly crystals
1 packet port wine jelly crystals
half a packet of vanilla wafer biscuits
200g salted peanuts

1. The day before you want to serve, make the chocolate mousse by melting the block of chocolate with the custard in a small saucepan over low heat. Meanwhile, whip 300g of the cream, and fold it into the cooled chocolate custard mixture. Put in a sealed container in the fridge.

2. Make up the 2 packets of jelly in the same bowl, cover, and put in the fridge to set overnight.

3. Chop the marshmellows into 1cm-ish cubes. Put aside.

4. Rub some of the salt off the roasted peanuts by putting them in a tea towel and giving them a rub. Chop roughly. Also roughly crumble the vanilla wafers into the same bowl with the peanuts and combine. Put aside.

5. On the day of serving, assemble. We layered them in individual glasses, but you could easily assemble into a big serving bowl too. Top with the remaining 300ml of cream, whipped. You can layer however you like. We did:

- chocolate mousse
- marshmellow
- jelly
- chocolate mousse
- peanut/wafer
- chocolate mousse
- whipped cream

Now you can all pin this and put the first Rocky Road Trifle on Pinterest! ;)
Oh and on a side note, we had a lot of jelly left over.

Enjoy! Thanks hubby.


  1. Such clever beings! Sounds delicious I'm going to have to give it a go after detoxing.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Have prepped to make this tomoz's date night. My mouse is a little questionable but hopefully will still turn out okay. Thanks for sharing... I think?! ;)

    3. Maybe I should take the mouse out of the mousse! Get it right Jessica.

    4. Haha! Hope the mousse worked out in the end. x

  2. Whoa, you guys don't do sugar by halves lol!!

    1. Haha Bec! I haven't touched sugar for 5 days since ;). It was our cheat night after all. ;) But yeah - definitely not going to make this a habit (JASON!!!)!


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