Monday, 14 January 2013

:: sweet scents of lavendula ::

Last Sunday, Jason was asked to play at a local festival to be held at the Swiss-Italian lavender farm known as "Lavendula". I had never been before, and after driving through dry winding rocky hills, stumbling upon this little Italian oasis of a place was such a thrill!

It was a very European experience. Italian-speaking Swiss immigrants built the rustica in golden stone and ran a dairy farm for 4 generations from the 1860s. Twenty years ago it was sold, bought and renovated with the intention to restore it's simple Italian architecture and to open up a lavender farm. They do their own distilling and sell dozens of gorgeous products.

I was kicking myself that I didn't bring my proper camera, so I had to use my poor phone to death (ignore the occasional error bloop). I managed to snap most of these serene pictures before the place was humming with about 500 people, loads of amazing food and great music from my hubby & co (which I sadly didn't get a photo of, whoops)!

{oodles of sweetness around every corner}


{dried lavender hung along underneath the entire porch} {view from inside the barn}

{loved the boule playing area and the naive chairs}

{cutest cafe ever} {Jason chose a sweet pink grapefruit soda in the perfect bottle}

{lavender fields in the background ~ swoon}

{barn} {this little pooch was intently listening to a guitarist seated just in front of him. Sweet!}

{fruity teas!} {lavender marinated roast lamb with nectarine chutney on turkish bread}

{they also make lavender honey}
{first picture - not many bees} {second picture - ALL bees}

So all in all, I had the best day wandering around, sniffing till I nearly fell asleep, and imagining I was in a place far, far away.



  1. Looks as though you died and went to lavender heaven!!! This place looks soooooo beautiful!


    1. Looks even better in real life too, and when there's been a bit more rain I'm sure. It was so sweet.

  2. swoon alright! What a simply delightful place. Good for the soul isn't it - seeing such beauty :)

  3. So so jealous! This brings me right back to romantic, looks like you had a beautiful day together!

    1. The word "Tuscan" was on the tip of my tongue the whole blog but I wasn't sure if it was quite that style! So, nice to know :) Definitely a romantic place! Would make fantastic wedding photos...

  4. This place is gorgeous! I wish there was a place around here like that. I would love to go!


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