Friday, 4 January 2013

:: 30 WEEKS ~ 10 to go!!! ::

I have been hanging out for this milestone! 
Counting down weeks from 10 feels so achievable. I know these last 10 weeks will be the most challenging, but bring it on I say!

I had an appointment yesterday, and I'm measuring a tad small (only a week and a half "behind") but that could just be because I'm very "compact" (being my first). I must admit I'm looking deceivingly tiny in this picture though!

I'm still feeling good and active in general. Although this morning I admit to feeling particularly unenthusiastic to move off the couch.. we had a scorcher of a day yesterday and I was out shopping alone so I figure I'm recovering from that a tad!

I've finally started reading a very important book regarding labour which my mum found to be a total lifesaver, after 6 children in which the labours were more and more 'traumatic'. Her 7th labour was such a breeze that she thought she had given birth to a 'barbie sized' baby when he popped out! Turns out that us woman make the labour so much worse than it needs to be by being anxious, tensing ourselves when contractions arrive, and squeezing the life out of our hubby's hand or fistfuls of bedsheets. It almost sounds "new age" (but can't possibly be since the author wrote his first obstetric article in 1919) but it's all about the mind and relaxing to let the body do it's natural job, which is hard work but isn't supposed to be painful (if everything is in order, of course).

I haven't gotten very far in the book though, but already I can see that this guy is onto something, he quotes in his preface, "In a series of over 50 lectures that I have been invited to give upon the influence of the emotions upon labour, one fact is outstanding: those who have seriously applied themselves to the care of the mind have been enthusiastic about their results."

I won't go into any more detail (this time :P) for the sake of the male-readers of my blog, but the book is called "Childbirth Without Fear" by Grantly Dick-Read. I'm looking forward to using his methods for a calm, stress-lowered experience!

So I'm back to work on Monday (lets see how this goes!) for my final 4 weeks... FOREVER!



  1. You really are tiny my dear, but I guess you're probably tired of hearing that :-P You're such a hip fit mumma and your little bundle is gonna be gorgeously squishy :)

    That book sounds great...I will look out for it next time. I probably mentioned it when you were here, but I found "Birth Skills" by Juju Sundin very helpful too, although I never did get to finish before labour started ;-)

    Woohoo for 10 week countdown! Hope you're putting your feet up this weekend with the air con on full blast... It's 39 here today and I'm sooooo glad I'm not preggers!

    1. Haha, just wait and see how I look in 5-8 weeks time.. I'm sure it's all about to get massive!

      Thanks for reminding me about your book. I'm in the middle of 2 books at the moment and I don't think I'm going to finish either of them, whoops, so I might read yours next time. I guess coz I'm still working I just don't have the time for reading it seems :(.

      Thankfully our house has stayed pretty cool, we had 38 last week... I sat in front of the fan and was comfortable as long as I was doing NOTHING. We do have an aircon but y'know.. saving power when we can.

      Thanks for the comment! xox

  2. You look lovely! As long as bubs is healthy, you don't need to worry about how tiny you are! 10 weeks!

  3. A guy's giving lectures to women on how labour can be 'pain-free'? Would be interested to hear any ladies who write the same kind of books.

    1. Well it's only women that are trialing his methods and finding them very effective. Mum did, and I had a few girls inbox me privately after putting this post up and saying that it worked for them too! It's all about the effect of fear leading to tension in the muscles which results in pain. Learning not to fear helps the body do it's natural job easier. :)

  4. Hi Hannah... I just love reading your blog and am so over the moon happy for you! I just want to say that what you are saying about what you've read in that book are SO accurate. I am probably the biggest chicken when it comes to pain of any sort and I have been through it 4 times. It really isn't as bad as some make it out to be. Try your best to relax and try and focus on the prize. (just a figure of speach) Once you hold that beautiful baby of yours, it all makes sense. I think of you often, strange I know seeing we've never "officially" met. Lots of love my dear!

    1. Lori!! What a darling you are. xxx Thank you so much for confirming this and for all your sweet comments. You got me all emotional! Blessings to you my friend.


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