Sunday, 11 March 2012

:: my new fancy friend ::

In the last few months, Jason and I have been working on finding little ways to make our daily eating habits good ones. I've stumbled upon a lot of new information (that has been confirmed by several other sources, plus my body tells me it's perfect sense) about what we should and definitely shouldn't be putting in our bodies. 

After putting on about 6kg in the first 3 months after my wedding, I am delighted to be back down to my wedding dress weight again! It's only really happened in the last few months that I've actually made some of those digital numbers scoot off the scales, so it's probably due to a combination of things:

1} Less chocolate (don't ask me how)
2} Less teaspoon dipping into various things in my fridge on a regular basis
3} Keeping less bad stuff in the house to nibble
4} Getting Jason to stop craving chips so much
5} Not baking sweet goodies very much :(
6} Making more protein based meals
7} Having eggs (& occasionally bacon) for breakfast & 
leftover dinner for lunch at work
8} Walking to work most days (and home again = 1hr)
9} Basically avoiding wheat & sugar altogether
10} And of the last month, attending Fernwood Ladies Gym 3 times a week
for group sessions (which really push you!).

What I wanted to share with you today is my newest buddy (which Jason loves!)

The Zucchini Spagettier!

This baby runs down a zucchini (or carrot, and countless other things I'm sure, but I haven't tried any except those two. Oh, it's actually really called a Julienne Peeler) and turns it into spaghetti!

It only needs 1 1/2 minutes of frying in the bottom of a saucepan (just till it wilts flat), season it, and that's it. 
Jason says it feels like you're actually eating noodles and he even likes it better.

You can buy these niffy things from Amazon.

So little things like this definitely help the waistline. In regards to a couple of my points above, I'm slowly getting used to using Stevia instead of sugar (gosh it's powerfully strong/sweet!). 
And please don't think that you can't bake sweet things anymore! I've got a lot of recipes for muffins, cookies and brownies which are bascially carb/sugar free. The only reason I haven't made any of late is due to a lack of a food processor (used mum's all the time at home). But just last week we've got one!! So I'm now free to make healthy treats again.

Please share your little tips for beating the bloat! I'd love to hear them.


  1. Yay! I love it!
    We are doing a similar thing- We stopped buying junk. Except I can't let go of my coke cravings so we switched Coke for Coke Zero :) And no "easy" foods. We also made a deal that we would use all the frozen meat that we have been avoiding and make real meals and have a salad instead of Mash potato. And I walk with Noah twice a day. So far i've lost nothing!! This is two weeks worth haha. But I think my body is just storing everything for breastfeeding :) Hopefully it'll come off one day.... before we have more kids :P


    1. That's fantastic Kim! Not buying as much processed food really does help. and I know what you mean about avoiding the things in the freezer! I'm trying to cull some of ours too.
      Keep it up, 2 weeks isn't that long, but you've made the right baby steps. I know it's tough, but weaning yourself off Coke Zero as well would actually make a big difference... it's still an energy source and the sweetener it uses isn't very good for you. It could be the thing that's keeping your weight from budging!

      Good work girly ;)

  2. Looks fab! Good on you for losing that weight. I haven't got any 'new' suggestions, except that exercise is great - says me who hasn't done any for ages. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight but am keen to lose another unnecessary 6kg. Once I'm not getting up so much at night hopefully I'll have more energy and thus be able to do more vigorous exercise. In the meantime, a balanced diet - a couple of vego meals each week, lighter lunches, no baking etc. I'd love some more healthy baking recipes though - I like my honey wheatgerm muffins, but need a couple more lunchbox ideas for hubby.

    1. You've done amazing to get to your pre-pregnancy weight before your baby is 6 months old, I hope I can be as successful as that! Well done!
      There are heaps of healthy baking recipes, I will email you an awesome e-book I have! There are some 'weird' ingredients, but you get used to using them lol. They are all guilt free and won't build fat really at all! More fat-burning actually.

      Yeah, lunches! *groan* I really find that leftovers win time and time again, even if it's soup. Jason doesn't mind warming things up in the microwave at work.
      Other things I make for us is salad in a container and one of those flavoured tins of tuna (in a freezer bag) on top of the dry salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato) until you get to lunch time, then crack the tin open and it doubles as salad dressing! Jason's favourite is wholemeal wraps. I put a bit of lettuce, maybe mayo or mustard, grated cheese, some salad veggies and then some cooked chicken from the night before. Rolled up in glad-wrap to keep it from falling apart.

  3. What a smart little tool! Who knew? I will have to grab one for Paulie, he would LOVE that thing! Thanks for sharing :) ps-You? Less chocolate? I don't believe it.


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