Tuesday, 13 March 2012

humpday delights :: sticky treats ::

Now that a food processor is back in my life, there are just so many more little pleasures to invent.

Like these Thin Mint Brownies by one of my favourite blogging ladies,
{below} Katie's verson

{below} my version

hmmm... not quite as appetising looking, but nevertheless, addictive.
Katie likes people to go back to her website for the recipe, so I won't go into detail here. But what you will need is:

1} food processor (or magic bullet, actually, what is that? people keep japping about them).
2} walnuts
3} dried dates (try to buy softish ones, these were a wee bit hard)
4} cocoa powder (I used raw cacao powder)
5} vanilla
6} peppermint essence (I actually didn't have any, so mine aren't really mint brownies lol)
7} honey. I added this because I felt it needed to be a bit wetter to stick together

The dark chocolate below is just for eating. i'm serious. I tried putting squares into the food processor for a bit of extra zing, but it was way too hard and just bashed around in there so I had to take it out. And eat it. Whittakers is so amazing!! Katie put choc chips in hers. I found they were super yum without them though. But if you wanted to, I'd stir them in at the end next time.

I added one nice big tablespoon of honey after completing the recipe after noticing it didn't 'pinch' together that well.
It's also fun 'pinching' it in your mouth as you go.

Finally, I greased a mini muffin tray I had, and pressed the chocolate goo into the moulds and chill.
Looking at them in the photos, they almost look huge, but they are tiny. About the size of rum balls. My muffin tin makes about 24, and I just rolled the extra mixture into balls with my hands.

pop them out, and into your mouth

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