Thursday, 8 March 2012

::bit of this and that::

Friday. My goodness yes.

For us in Victoria, AUS, it's also a long weekend. A reason to definitely be wearing that Friday grin.

I've had a good week, with the house inspection going through.
We signed the contracts today, so, wow. We move in on May 11th, which is 60 days from this weekend.

I also WON something yesterday, so, wow. Tickets to see the band The Potbelleez at a local venue tonight. They aren't really my cup of tea so I'm trying see if I can make some $$ with them. But it was very cool having the radio station ring me live, and correctly answering the question they asked! Definitely one of those things you don't expect to be 'you'.

and I'd like to share this very inspirational, very womanly sight for all of you girl friends of mine to aspire to.

6" Louboutins in the kitchen all morning. yeah right.

Have a very fabulous weekend! What's planned?



  1. Lol I hate/love Dita. Immense respect for her style, though.

    1. Oh, she's actually a person? I thought it was just a terribly cute 40's retro kitchen piccie. Have just googled her & not that impressed lol. I'll just have to take this particular picture on face value. ;)

  2. Holy adorable kitchen that I will never have! (Not only for the cost, but the fact that my kitchen has to be husband friendly...he likes to cook). Super cute! Hope the concert is fun!

    1. You're so lucky that your hubby likes to cook. Mine will but I don't always like to let him lol.

  3. oh love that kitchen!!! but in heels? i done think so...


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