Saturday, 31 March 2012

:: lets jive on fridays ::

Last night was an absolute blast. We had one of the mildest nights I could remember since living here, and all of the town was out and prancing in the warmth. We packed our car full of friends and headed to the eccentric town of Daylesford to be my husband's fan group while he played for the band "Louie & the Jump Jivers." 

Turns out they didn't need us, as the old brick wine bar with ancient instruments strung up into the cathedral rafters was packed with every colourful character you could expect. I loved that each table was lit with old bedside lamps and one of the bartenders had a little Hitler mustache. The whole joint had a warm feel; slightly musty with heritage.  And if you originally expected it to be unpopular or undiscovered, you couldn't have been more wrong.

By 9pm the place was humming. The room for dancing was sadly minimal, but that didn't stop people from utilizing even the spaces between tables. One husband and wife team in their late 50's was busting out some serious swing moves and it was cute to see them slow down during the course of the night over a few reds, till they were simply holding each other and swaying. I managed to get Jason's brother up and we tried to blend in with the redheads that seemed to have infinite energy levels.

Three sets later, and after being joined by a wedding after-party as well, we they were all celebrating a gig well played over spicy lamb pizza & pear cider on the house.

Thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures I snapped along the way:

{Jason trying on some of his many hats and pulling some of what he calls his 'character poses':}

{my dress; an Etsy original vintage:}


{shots of the crowd stirrers:}

{the cutest saxophonist you'll ever meet:}  


  1. Sounds like a blast! :-) Glad you had fun. <3

  2. Sounds absolutely awesome! I SO want to visit Daylesford....keep hearing great things about it.

    1. It's pretty cute. I got your little purse and Isaac's hat from there. Come visit us and we'll take you! ;)


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