Monday, 3 December 2012

:: garden mess ::

Last Friday night, a warm & steamy night, a freak 10min storm hit our area; particularly our suburb. We were out at the time, only 10 mins away. All we felt was a light shower. Returning home though, we were met with piles of hail around our house, huge trees down with ruined cars underneath them, tiles off people's roofs and branches, branches, branches everywhere!

So erie, since the usually well-lit street was completely dark and silent. The power was out, and even McDonalds was black and still.

Thankfully (and amazingly) we suffered no damage besides paint on the house (from the force of the hail hitting it) and lots of plant damage. My herbs had been looking so big and bushy up till now! :( I am just so glad we weren't home, apparently it was absolutley terrifying, and lots of people had broken windows. Plus we don't have a carport, so our car would have suffered!

I took a couple of snaps so thought I would share.

(above left: hail piled up around the house.
above right: my stripped and battered raspberries.)

(above left: my raspberries again
above right: this area is usually bare dirt.. now it's covered in leaves that were torn from the tree.)

(above left: my spring onions, LOL.
above right: torn & mushy parsley and mint)


  1. When they mentioned it on the ABC news I had wondered how you were going ... glad the only damage is quite easily repaired!

  2. Wow that's crazy stuff!!!! Glad you weren't home at the time- far too stressful!! xx

  3. That looks like it would have been quite a storm! Sad about your herbs and veggies. :(


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