Sunday, 9 December 2012

:: 26 weeks down - 14 to go ::

Hello, it's me, the absentee!

26 weeks and 1 day today... and things are still going really well. I have put on about 8kg so far, as much as I can tell. The scales had started climbing a bit before I fell pregnant so I'm not 100% sure how heavy I was to start with. But I know I've been eating more sweets/chocolate lately so I might try and control myself a bit more! I still have weeks and weeks to get even bigger and I heard you're supposed to put on between 10-12kgs....

We just had the nicest weekend away in Canberra with our friends Daniel & Rebecca. 8 hours driving each way with no incident - thank God. I get paranoid about the car stuffing up somewhere remote and hot etc.

We toured the beautiful city of Canberra while sipping on smoothies, BBQ dinners outdoors in the twilight, breakfast of sweet summer fruits, and did laps of amazing food festivals and markets. Very 'foodie' weekend, sampling so many local delicacies!

Lunch was a highlight at the Bean & Grain, which made lunchy bagels, with fantastic layered combinations like turkey, avocado, swiss & cranberries. Or roast lamb & caramelized peach. Divine.

We also got to pop in on my long-time friend & penpal, Beth and her little family of four. Her boys were so well behaved and just gorgeous! May have fallen in love with her tubby youngest one!

So back to work tomorrow, only 2 weeks to go before we close for Christmas. 
Just can't get there fast enough.

below: the view down towards Parliament House


  1. Yay for featuring in your blog post! We had such a nice time with you two lovelies.
    My mouth is watering all over again looking at the bagel pics ;-)
    Have a good week - close to hols, you can do it!

    1. I wanted to put up a photo of you guys but you weren't all looking at once and I wasn't sure if you'd like it anyway. I should have taken more!

      Jason was floored by the bagels.

  2. Holy Hannah you have NEVER looked more beautiful! K....maybe on your wedding day, but this is close. Real close. Happiest for you, looks like you had a lovely time together :)

    1. You've stuck a permanent smile on my face honey! Thank you so much, you're a darling xx

  3. A bit jealous you four got to hang out together. ;-)

    Glad you all had such a lovely time.

    I sent Bec on a mission but I don't know if she was successful or not... ;-)


    P.S. I agree with Amanda - pregnancy could not suit you any better.

    1. We'll have to organise a hangout for 6 sometime, with all of us! Wouldn't that be fun!

      Hmmm yes Bec mentioned her sneaky thing ;)

      Thanks! I'm loving it so far, you're a babe. x

  4. The 6 of us?! That would be amazing!! Yes, please!! x

  5. It was SO nice to have you both drop past; and to meet Jason finally! Thanks so much and thanks again for the baking you gave us! Hope your week has been nice. xo

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