Thursday, 5 January 2012

::my holiday {part eins}::

It's been a few weeks, but I'm back on the blogger's cushion & ready to show this new year what I'm talkin' about. New year's resolution? Getting superwomanly organized.

Jase and I have just come back from a very nice 11 days in Tasmania, the first part of which involved being whisked off to the rough & rugged East Coast. The first two days of rain made poor Jase most despondent about the ideas of family camping (not having as much exposure to camp fire smoke & mozzies in sleeping bags as I have), but true to my promises, it cleared up quick smart (changing his ideas for the future entirely).

The first part included a 4 hour hike/aka rock scramble to the iconic Wineglass Bay (which really is a treat), searching through the smelliest of pockets for a $2 coin so we could operate the showers, blowing up mattresses again at 2:24am and staying dry on each other's laps in the caravan while it pelted down outside.

It wasn't the best of starts, but we were out there... camping. And like I said, it gets a whole heap better...

"la caravane"

An "accidental" wink from the baby

At the incredible Wineglass Bay lookout

Wineglass Bay in the flesh

Wandering around some cool rocks on another random walk

A few of us..

A bit of Coles Bay.. felt like Scotland or something

Quite a pretty collection of sea-ness that Laura collected


  1. Beautiful! Glad it turned out alright. :-) I can sympathise with Jason on this one... I've had one horrendous (understatement) camping trip and one that went without a hitch (the most recent one). :-) x

  2. The photos are lovely. The scenery amazing. It looks like you a had very nice holiday! :-)

  3. Lovely! What memories, so much fun! You are SO SO SO lucky to have that warm sunshine on you...jealous. Good stuff!

  4. Looks like it ended up being a wonderful time!! And I'm sure it will make for fantastic memories in the future!

  5. Poor Emily - I know why so many people dread camping, but I've had a lot of good experiences so I still encourage it! :)

    Yes Beth, the scenery gets me every time!

    Mmmm Amanda, I have been waiting for sunshine and warmth for a LONG time, so I'm shamelessly taking complete advantage of it.

    Brit! So true... the memories are the bestest part.

  6. OH MY GOODNESS ... WINE GLASS BAY ... I'll take one please!
    That water looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess i'll just need to see this one day while checking off my "Visit Australia" from my bucket!

    ALSO love all he colors in the last shot of sea collections! So pretty ... especially the pink stuff!

    Looks like your trip was amazing after mother nature decided to grace poor Jason with some sun lol =)

  7. A website to help you with getting "superwomanly organised" .

  8. Hehe, it really is a gem of a location. I do believe YOU went to a rather heavenly location yourself these holidays? ;)

    If you come to Australia, I will personally take you to Wineglass Bay.


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