Friday, 6 January 2012

::my holiday {part zwei}::

Because it's peak season for campers in Tassie, the camping grounds were 100% at capacity, resulting in us having to shift our setup to another caravan park after 2 nights at the nature reserve. This one had free showers (JOY.TO.THE.WORLD!).

The weather was now bliss. From now on, I'm thinking swim swim swim. The water at Coles Bay is just incredible... it's a cove, so there's no waves, just completely clear water just sitting there. Unfortunately, despite being one of the hotter days of the year, the water still was laced with a chill I wasn't looking forward to submerging myself into. So I paddled with the kiddlets and had a great kayak ride out to the deeper waters. Amazing to be able to look right to the bottom even out there.

My 11 year old brother was an absolute FISH and would hardly put his head up for air. He snorkled constantly. Dad also snorkled a heap with a spear gun & had his life flash before him when a huge dark sting-ray decided to say hi. *steve irwin, steve irwin....* Thankfully the ray went on.

Jason took a huge fancy to fishing, I mean, a really big fancy. I was just glad he was near the water at all. Actually, he still stayed dry... he fished from the kayak which was a pretty good idea since you can get into the deep areas. He caught the only fish of the trip too; a small flatheat. Other things reeled in included 2 squid (hey which makes calamari rings...! no, I didn't know calamari came from squid till then. Shouldn't calamari come from... calamari fish or something??).

We were there for 3 days, then all agreed we were ready to go home. My shoulders were browner than I ever dared dream they could go (should have known they'd peel into a baby pig pink afterwards) and Jason's feet were violently red from sticking out of the kayak all the day long. The rest of him was Indian brown, but not those poor feet. I was putting sooth gel on them for a week afterwards, and tried not to show how concerned I was about them (they were glow-in-the-dark red for days).

4 hour drive home, thinking about the 12 loads of washing I'd no doubt be lending a hand with very shortly. What I wasn't expecting was to open the caravan door and find the fridge had swung open and created a yogurt-veggie sea on the floor.

It's good to be home with the family.. now for some proper relaxation (why doesn't camping ever meet the need?).

::someone cute didn't want his lips to burn::

 ::little bodies::

:: the clear blue ::

:: mum & the baby ::

 :: as the sun sets ::

:: father & son fishing ::

:: the lovely Laura ::
 :: dad is happier than he looks ok :: /\

 :: so nice outside, even at 8:30pm! :: \/

:: on the way home, at a blowhole ::


  1. Wow it sure looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Good stuff Cuz! Can't believe I haven't made it to Wineglass Bay yet.
    May you have many more adventures in 2012!



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