Friday, 23 December 2011

::melbournism (& what that means to the wallet)::

Hubby & I spent last weekend enjoying the sights & smells of a Melbourne raid. We'd been 'saving' in order to 'waste' our money on those days; enjoying a mini holiday if you will.

First stop was The Lindt Cafe, where Jase and I first met each other (nearly 2 years ago to the day). We sat at the same seat, but decided not to order the same things.

The rest of the day was spent seriously shopping, with Jason choosing some adorable puppy bookends, which I kinda liked as well. Bit of a killer to carry around the rest of the day though...

We also came across an extremely cool shop, devoted entirely to the illustrations from different editions of Alice in Wonderland. I have no idea how they came up with the ability to fill an entire store on the subject, but they did. I purchased a couple of pretties.. some very long notebooks, and a quirky print that was very hard to choose from the millions.

The rest of the day consisted of my corresponding photos on Facebook; lunch, a tram back to the motel, dinner at a Thai restaurant where our orders were stuffed up and we were over charged and then an evening at The Crown and admiring the Christmas displays on the streets.

The highlight of the following day was a visit to Forever New, which is currently my favourite place to shop. I can usually wholeheartedly say I would wear everything there if I could afford everything. This time wasn't really an exception, but last season's pallet of ivory, blush & baby blue was replaced with nautical stripes, navy & coral. I managed, however, to find two cute pieces that I walked proudly out of the store with. This is my favourite:

And this was salvaged from the 1/2 price rack, and cute enough not to leave:

Still working out how to keep those sleeves in place...


  1. Your two outfits are ADORABLE! Also, I want to visit this Alice store so badly... I think I could practically live there!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  2. Hi Aya! Thanks so much!
    The Alice store is on Brunswick St in Melbourne if you're ever there!

  3. LOVE the outfits especially the first one with the tie around the waist, so flattering and looks amazing on you!

    Those beautiful palm trees in the first picture make me miss Mexico so much ... sighhhhh. Truly the site of palm trees makes my happy levels shoot thru the roof lol

  4. Just saw your comment, thanks Amiee! Palm trees do amazing things to my heart too. But actually so do pine trees.. we have a lot of them on the grass strip on the beaches in Queensland!


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