Monday, 19 December 2011

::hubby's christmas love::

I couldn't leave Jason's efforts out of the limelight... while I was candycaning, he was drawing little doodles on cards for all his girlfriends at work. :)

Have you ever seen anything more stinking adorable??

They are all off the top of his head, pure original genius. Well, I think so anyway....

He even scribbled all over the stickers that he used to label his homemade envelopes:

What a clever boy.


  1. So cute ... your boys got some talent!

  2. These are fabulous!!! He is so talented! I wish I could pull something like this stick people always look like they have a weiner, so I can't even draw them!

  3. I am just as hopeless at drawing off the top of my head... screamingly hopeless.. but I can copy!! lol


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