Thursday, 10 November 2011


It's all over, done and dusted.

Yesterday I woke up at 8am, had the only food and drink I'm allowed all day and then took the chance to do some housework before locking the door behind me and starting a sunny 40min walk to the hospital. Jase had to go to work, and since I had to be there at 11am and wait for my operation till 4pm, we figured he may as well still go (as long as he's there when I wake up!).

I had two very sweet girls come and keep me company over the day and take my mind of my growling stomach. I was called 4 times: Once by a nurse to get height, weight and medical history (and remove my nail polish which I CAREFULLY applied just this morning especially haha), once by the anaesthatist for a meet-and-great, thirdly to get changed into a terribly sexy pair of paper undies and blue gown with a gap at the back, and fourthly to lay on the theatre bed and get wheeled in for the action.

I had to take some tablets at about 1:00pm to soften my cervix, and by the time it was my turn, they were doing their job and I was clutching my gut in agony. That was probably the worst of it... and them trying to find a vein in my hand for the drip.

The anaesthetic was given at 4pm and I remember no more...

4:38pm and I find myself lying alone still in theatre. Feeling fine so far. I have fun looking at the vitals monitor and holding my breath to stop the gauge drawing the up-and-down lines. A nurse offers me a heated blanket for my belly and I realize I do have a period-like pain there. 5pm I am finally wheeled into recovery.

I ask for Jason, and he appears with a beautiful bunch of pink carnations tied with raffia. I'm feeling quite a lot better, and after about an hour he helps me get dressed. I'm moved to another room and given sandwiches (yay! hospital food. What do they do to innocent sandwiches to make them taste SO boring?). The drip is taken out and I'm free to go!

This morning I feel as fit as a fiddle, and hardly any bleeding at all. Don't worry, I'm going to lay low today (though the floor and laundry are taunting me...). I know that this instant healing is due to the Lord listening to the prayers of so many Godly women (and men) for me. HEARTFELT THANKS.

I'm glad to have it all over, I feel privileged to have carried the child and am now so happy for it, as it meets it's Maker, and knows only joy. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. BLESSED be the name of the LORD!


  1. No more amazing than you Em! xx

  2. Wow! God's evident power in your life is such a blessing and challenge to me, Hannah. God is clearly doing some amazing things through you and what should be a very depressing story. You truly are shining His light in this dark world. Indeed! Blessed be the name of the Lord! Much love and prayers, Em xoxo <3

  3. Glad to hear you got through it and are feeling ok now. Take it easy and God bless you! Love Beth

  4. Emily S: You're so encouraging. I know, I'm sure I should feel more down technically, but all you lovely people have been praying that the LORD would restore peace & joy to our hearts, and He has!!

    Beth: Thank you for everything beautiful! x

  5. Good to hear you managed to find some fun while laying on that bed and that you are on the mend lovely xxoo

  6. you definitely are an amazing woman!


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