Wednesday, 9 November 2011

::hospital tomorrow::

Today I was called at work to come in this afternoon for a gynaecology appointment. Work knows the situation and indicated that I am able to drop everything in order to attend anything to do with my healing process.

I had a lovely young kiwi female doctor (praise the Lord) who was very sympathetic. She examined me and decided that it felt pretty small inside, so it most likely would be ok to leave for another 2 or 3 weeks to let it miscarry naturally. I was relieved to hear this.

She then ducked out to pick up my ultrasound report (which she hadn't yet seen). At this point also, Jason joined me.

The story suddenly changes... she indicates that the sizes of the foteus and placenta on the report are a great deal bigger than she thought. Now she doesn't want to let me go the weekend without a D&C! Apparently if I did miscarriage naturally, there would probably be a heap of bleeding, and I'd have to end up coming in for the same procedure anyway, but in a worse state.

She's booked me on their emergency list for tomorrow. Wow, this is fast. I've heard that there can be complications (perforation of uterus, infection, remains left behind that cause problems) with this procedure, but I really couldn't change her mind. I guess I better just go for it. Then at least, it's all completely over and I can move on.

If you read this, please pray that all remains will be cleanly and thoroughly removed. Thank you all again for the lifeline's you've been to me, and shoulders to cry on.

Love always,



  1. That IS very quick news. Will be thinking of you. And most definitely praying that all goes well and you recover quickly.
    "I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears....the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous and His ears are open unto their cry." Ps. 34:4/15

  2. Thinking of you, sweetheart. Praying for wisdom for your doctors, strength for your husband and a safe and quick recovery for you. Remember that God is the One True Healer, and nothing can happen without His control! Take strength in the Lord and He will send His angels to protect and carry you through this time xox

  3. You girls are so encouraging. The Lord is my confidence and faith. What should I fear?

    Love you all xox

  4. Oh, Hannah - it's all happening so fast. I'm sure you still haven't gotten your head around what you're going through and you're facing surgery. My prayers and thoughts will be with you today. My prayer for you is that God will give you peace and comfort you with His love - the peace that passes all understanding. The peace that Paul could testify to. That's the one I want for you. Much love, Em xoxo (*hugs*)

  5. Hugs back, dear Emily xo I know the Lord has His arms around me.

  6. My fingers are crossed and T&P are with you lovely.

  7. all i can say now is: you are loved. mwah


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