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::guiltless chocolate!::


So moving on to a topic slightly more in line with my blog name. :) Something very exciting....




Unfortunately, I can't take the credit for it's invention. A very sweet Olivia W. made many batches before she released the successful version.

So it's basically built on solidified coconut oil which has many many nutritional benefits, and is a VERY good fat. One man found if they took a tablespoon (straight) morning and night for 6 weeks, he lost a whole bunch of kilo's (can't remember how many, but it sounded worth it!). Straight coconut oil was ok for a couple of days for me, but soon my puke reflex started up. But now with this invention, you CAN ingest with pleaaaasure. ;)

2 Tabs organic rapadura sugar, coconut sugar or raw brown sugar
2 Tabs honey or agave syrup
½ cup raw, organic cacao powder
1/2 teas liquid vanilla stevia
small pinch of fine sea salt
2 cups raw, organic coconut oil (solidified coconut oil will yield a better result for this recipe. This is how coconut oil is found naturally at room temperature except for in the summer time when the air is much warmer. If you find that your coconut oil has melted, you will need to put it in the fridge until it has solidified but not rock hard)

Stevia is a natural, zero calorie sweetener and it probably the healthiest of all natural sweeteners. Use the following web address to purchase a bottle of this liquid vanilla stevia for a very reasonable price. http://www.iherb.com/NuNaturals-Vanilla-Stevia-Pure-Liquid-Concentrated-Extract-2-fl-oz-59-ml/14130?at=0

If you don't want to buy stevia, you can make a stevia-less version (ingredients at the bottom of this blog). It is slightly higher carb, but still very good for you :)
Line a tray or shallow dish with wax or grease proof paper and set aside.
Grind 1 cup of selected sugar in high speed blender or food processor until the sugar resembles an icing sugar like texture. Use the specified amount of ground sugar for chocolate and store the remaining sugar in an airtight container for future use. Add the cacao and very small pinch of salt to the sugar and blend briefly to mix.
Place this mixture along with all other ingredients in food processor or mixer and beat well until mixture is smooth and creamy. A butterfly or whisk attachment works best in your processor or mixer and remember to scrape down the sides of the bowl so that all ingredients are mixed well. Now add  essential oils (if you wish) and beat again.
Taste chocolate mixture and adjust if necessary. You may like to add more essential oil and/or sweetener (if adding more sweetener, use honey or stevia).
Remove whisk/butterfly attachment and stir through other ingredients – eg. nuts, cacao nibs, dried fruit etc.
Spread chocolate mixture onto prepared tray. Chocolate will be set in 30 minutes in freezer and 1 hour in fridge.  When firm, cut or break chocolate into desired shapes and sizes and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer. (Note: Do not leave chocolate at room temperature too long or it will begin to melt. If you like your chocolate firm and cold store in freezer, if you prefer it slightly softer store in fridge.) 

I added goji berries and cranberries to my mix, but you can add all sorts of things! Some versions Olivia tried were:

Chocolate Orange Clusters
Add 20 drops of Young Living Orange Essential Oil (alternatively you can use 1 - 2 tbs finely grated organic orange zest) to chocolate base. Scatter over 1 cup chopped almonds and 1 cup raisins

Add 10 drops Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil to chocolate base. Then add ¾ cup dried shredded coconut, ½ cup raw cacao nibs and 1 cup raisins

Cinnamon Spice
Add 4 drops of Young Living Cinnamon Essential Oil, 1 cup of moist chopped prunes and 1 cup chopped hazelnuts to chocolate base

Fruit & Nut
Scatter over 1 ½ cups chopped almonds, hazelnuts or cashews and 1 ½ cups raisons (can use other dried fruits if desired)

Antioxidant Hero
Add 2 drops each of Young Living Clove and Cinnamon Essential Oil to chocolate base. Then add ¾ cup each of chopped almonds, dried goji berries and blueberries (can substitute for raisins) and a handful of raw cacao nibs

So what do you think!? It is all honestly so good that you will find it hard to stop. But the good news is.... the more the better!! :-D
Let me know if you try it!!


No Stevia Version:
1/3 cup organic rapadura sugar, coconut sugar or raw brown sugar
1/3 cup honey or agave syrup
½ cup raw, organic cacao powder
small pinch of fine sea salt
1 TBS vanilla essence or paste
2 cups raw, organic coconut oil


  1. ooooh sounds delish....I may have to give it a go one day - I like the sounds of loosing weight hehehe

  2. Wow! That looks and sounds sooo good! <3


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