Sunday, 12 May 2013

:: I got a doll for my first Mother's Day ::

Mother's Day is now on the calender for me. What did I get? I got this little angel of a dude. He even slept through the night AND gave me a sleep-in this morning. How kind is he?!

You've got to let me spam some wee smiles your way.

....this boy child is killing me.

We also went out for a scrumptious lunch at the Pancake Parlour and he promptly fell asleep when I lay him on the padded booth seat beside me, so I could eat with both my hands. This son sure knows how to spoil a mumma. I'm blessed beyond comprehension.

Thank you to my own Mother and all the other mothers out there for being phenomenally amazing people, and for all your LOVE that makes us who we are. You shape the world.



  1. What a boy child! SO pooch! He's so switched on, knows how to do mothers day and everything. I wonder if he does Unkey day.....

    Give him some love from me..x And this is for you.. xx

  2. Oh he's the sweetest! His wee smiles kill me!


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