Wednesday, 8 May 2013

:: homemade sushi ::

I just adore sushi, and I frequented the little sushi noodle shop around the corner from my work. It was agony not being able to choose the smoked salmon version while I was pregnant. That stuff gives me the happies. But if only I knew how frightfully simple it was to make! I could of saved me a lot of dollars.

When my sister and mum came to stay and play with my little bubba, they showed me the ropes and I'll honestly never need to buy it again... it's too easy. I'd like to give brown rice a go (I used to buy that one) but thought I'd better use white for this demo, as brown rice isn't as sticky, and I'd probably make a royal mess of it.

Homemade Sushi


  • 2 cups of cooled, overcooked rice (with 2 Tab of white vinegar stirred through afterwards)
  • 1 bamboo mat (available from regular supermarkets)
  • 1 packet of nori
  • whatever fillings you like!

1. Start by laying a nori sheet on your bamboo mat, and then spreading a thin layer of rice over 3/4s of it. I like to press the rice down a bit to make it clag together.
2. Lay your filling on the base of the rice layer. I'm using avocado & smoked salmon. Yeah!!

3. With TWO hands (I had to take the piccie on my own) start to curl the mat over, and use your fingers to press on the filling, keeping it in place.

4. Peel the mat back as you gently but firmly continue to roll it all the way up.

5. Once you get to the end, some of the rice may have been squished along. Gently scrape this off.
6. Dip your fingers in some cold water and dab a small amount along the nori to make it sticky.
7. Complete the roll so the damp edge is stuck to the rest of the roll. Use the bamboo mat to gently give the whole roll one final squeeze so it's sealed up nicely.

I like to cut the big roll into two, and pour a little soy sauce in the top of it, letting it run through the whole roll. You can also slice them a lot finer to make little rounds.

I also made some celery & tomato-flavoured tuna ones. This whole pyramid would have cost $16.80 from my local sushi shop. Whereas this cost me (even with the salmon!) around $4.00.



  1. WOWSERS! I've been looking for a good homemade sushi tutorial - you made my day! I'm addicted to the stuff at the moment, which is good considering I have an iodine deficiency ;-) Can't say I'm a fan of raw fish versions, but will definitely be making a brown rice terriyaki type of thing. Mmmmm.

    1. It's not raw, it's smoked :P. But I still didn't want to risk it in pregnancy obviously.

      I'm so glad you want to give it a go! I was actually thinking of you as I wrote it, I remembered what you said in our phone call about the iodine. Make sure you upload a photo of your results!

  2. Lol they're all gross as far as I'm concerned :-P
    Will post a pic definitely!

  3. Yeah not a bad effort Han... for a beginner....... ok, they're pretty good. Fine, they're better than mine.


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