Sunday, 20 January 2013

:: 32 weeks ~ 8 to go ::

Well here I am with less than 2 months to go. Time is still flying and the whole thing has been pretty fun so far!

I have another (hopefully, my final) ultrasound on Tuesday, so we can check the position of the placenta. It was fairly low down the bottom on the 20wk scan, so we're praying it's moved (like they usually do) up the uterus as I've grown. If it hasn't, hmm.....

I'm pretty much 100% sure that the bub is still breech too, judging by the high shape of the bump. It's been moving around heaps though, and I think it's diagonal, because a very hard, round 'head' is often so prominent below my left rib! Very easy to touch and feel! Funny!

I also want to say a HUGE thanks to the ladies that commented/emailed me in response to my mention of the "Childbirth without Fear" book and it's methods towards aiding a less painful birth. I had lots of wonderful confirmations that the book is indeed speaking the truth! I want to share with you one friend's experience she recently had (this was her first birth):

"I just read your post and had so much to comment that I thought I'd just email!! So true what you said about fear during childbirth, anxiety and relaxing! I read a book called Hypnobirthing,which has NOTHING to do with Hypnosis and all to do with breathing and consciously relaxing your body and allowing it to do what we have so amazingly been designed to do! 

It was so good to know the different stages of labour and what I should expect and learning (prior to birth!) how to breathe through each contraction, riding each wave (as I prefer to call them)!
I had a wonderful natural pain-relief free childbirth in water and I think the key to having a beautiful childbirth is to let go of the notion that we should FEAR labour and just let our body do what it is designed to do. Trust that your body knows what its doing (cause it does!!) and most of all enjoy the experience!"

Isn't that encouraging ladies?! I'm keen to get to the part in the book where you work on practicing relaxing and breathing. Because lets face it - when push actually comes to shove (hehe), relaxing is not going to come naturally. I'm going to have to practice this!
Only 3 weeks of work left. BRING IT ON!!



  1. 8 weeks - not long to wait to see your cute bundle. Yay! :-)

    3 weeks of work... it's all gonna be over before you know it. :-)


  2. I did hypnobabies to prepare for labor and it really did help. I'm not one who easily "surrenders" to something and using the technique helped me to get through it. I'm glad your pregnancy is going well!

    1. Hey Kelly! I'm honored you stopped by my blog :).
      I had a friend email me yesterday about the hypnobabies course... the birth stories and testimonials on that site are incredible. Thanks for sharing that it worked for you! xx

  3. You look so adorable! I'm sure you will do great and I can't wait to see pictures of your cute little baby!

  4. You look gorgeous momma to be - I really THINK THIS MOTHERHOOD thing is really going to suit you ;) xx


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