Sunday, 19 August 2012

:: paleo cornbread ::

Following on from my last post, our 'silver' award winner for my experimental cooking afternoon goes to "Paleo Cornbread". It looked so great on the original recipe that I bought my first bag of coconut flour last time I went to the health food shop especially for it.

I made it in my Thermomix because I could. It only took minutes to whip together.
The mixture looked really odd:

My loaf tin I used to have was ceramic and broke, so I didn't have the proper shape to pour the mixture into. So I was a sad person and used ramekins. Meh, it worked.

They went all nice and golden, and sliced beautifully. The texture was... interesting, but I liked it. It was quite moist so ever so slightly resembled slightly damp bread. Might not sound so appetising but it was pretty yummy. Especially while it was warm, and with a knob of melted butter.

If you want to give these a go, head on over to "A Girl Worth Saving"!


  1. Thank so much for the mention and I'm glad that you liked it. If you haven't done this, I would try slicing it and grilling it. Amazing!

    1. Kelly! Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I will most certainly try grilling it. Sounds like that would really finish it off perfectly! x


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