Tuesday, 5 June 2012

:: a June humpday update ::

June is such a pretty sounding month. Like one you'd look forward to.
But no, that's just for the special people in the Northern Hemisphere. Of course if you like the cold, you can still look forward to what June brings to us Southerners. For me, I know the ice has definitely settled in for pretty much the remainder of the year, and it's a pity that pleasant sounding words like "June" and "July" have to mean that it's only the beginning. I am already sick of my puffy red fingers and chill-blains.

I have been disgracefully slack with my blog posting lately, and only doing my regular mad Wednesday ones. I'd like to say I'll be churning out posts more often very soon, but that probably wouldn't be true. I will, however, be starting a regular post soon of an arcitectual sort.. so eyes peeled for that...

Since my last post, things have been a bit of a muddle. My brand new oven was delivered and then taken away from me. Our gas heater was declared not worth fixing (and that it would be $2K for a new one) and then a friend gets it going with a simple fuse.

The problem with the oven was that when we took it out of the box for the plumber to install, it was all bashed up! And it wasn't a cheap one (at all) so we were not going to settle for that sort of nonsense! But it meant I had to wait for another one to be sent from Sydney *sigh*. Almost inconsolable!! lol.

Our built-in wardrobes have been started in two rooms (yes!) so soon we will be able to get my ocean of clothes vertical and off the floor as they should be.
Bastian has been a good boy, and is picking up his obedience training so well! He can sit, stay and come, and he's only still a baby. He went to the vet for his health check on Monday, and his permanent vaccinations. They said he is doing really well, and his breed living outside shouldn't be a problem (as we were concerned about) with his blanket-kingdom kennel and oversized coat that makes him look like a barrel-shaped corgi or something.

(he looks like an old dog here)

Now for this weeks highlights:

1} Thermomix demonstration

Yesterday I had a bunch of my best over to feast on some thermomix delicacies (conducted by the same woman who did the demo I first went to, but hosted by me). We had a lot of fun and the girls (and their mums) got full up on chicken risotto, fresh warm buns with butter & strawberry jam, winter berry sorbet & a tangy lemon custard.

2} Going to see Men in Black III

If you've seen the others and like these sort of films, this one is a must see. It had me in tears!
Definitely the best of the Trilogy. Aaand it only put us out of pocket $7 each.

Here's a shot of inside our local cinema. Majorly art-deco for the most part.
Isn't the chandelier a killer?



All 12 of us will be bunking under our humble little roof this Sunday coming. Hallelujah! Good times ahead. It times perfectly with the Queens Birthday long weekend, plus I snagged a couple of more days off at the end of the week.
We're planning on pigging out at Lazy Moes, having a day at Soverign Hill, stocking up at some DFO's (direct factory outlets), whirlwind tour of Melbourne, cooking like crazy men (and eating like crazy men), not to mention just good old fashioned couch-chillin' with a movie.
I'm looking forward to it being about little people, mess, sharing spoons, puppy licks, hot soups & as many cuddles as I can fit into 7 days... ok, I better stop there before I end up a blubbering mess...

x x x


  1. I haven't seen that family shot before- its gorgeous!! Hope you have a great time with them, I'd love to tag along, but I might wait til that nasty Ballarat winter is over! ;)

    1. You haven't? I love it! Esp James at the front hehe.

      Would love you to come up for a weekend some time for sure!

  2. Sounds like life has been busy for you! But what wonderful family times ahead - you must be so excited about that week together! Looking forward to maybe seeing photos afterwards! ;) x

    1. Excited doesn't describe it! And yes, some piccies for sure ;)

  3. That thermomix made amazing risotto!!! X

  4. Cute! You'll have so much fun with your family. :-)

    Love all the little housewifey updates, too. xx

  5. We'll be in Ballarat at the end of the week too for a couple days... not looking forward the infamous ballarat weather tho!!


    1. Really Ashlee? That will be nice, hopefully the weather surprises us! Did you want to come over for a meal?


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