Tuesday, 29 May 2012

:: things that make humpday not so lumpy ::

Don't the weeks just shoot on by!?

We're quite nicely settled into the new place now, apart from one room still full of boxes (!!). But the built-in wardrobes have been measured up, so by this weekend we should have clothes space! Then I can clear the remaining stuff, ready to set up a proper guest room for my parents! We are SUPER excited, that my whole family will be visiting in less than 2 weeks.. that will be 13 of us in the one house! 14 including Bastian, mustn't forget that little noisy boy!

One of the 'downers' of the week is the state of the education system here at the moment. All TAFE courses (except building, and one or two scant others) are being eradicated which is going to be HUGE for our country, and education in general. School leavers aren't going to have any options, except private institutes and university. 1000's of kids will have to turn to the dole, with no options.

Another repercusions of this, is that 100's of teachers & TAFE staff members have lost their jobs. Sadly, Jason included. Even though he was Uni staff, it affected them as well. It's a real low... especially as Jason is just completeing his TAFE teacher's certificate, and now there are no courses! Plus our brand new mortgage. But God knows best, and hopefully something different will come up for Jason soon.

But life goes on! Here are some of the brights of my midweek.

1} Grand efforts in the garden. Goodbye weeds!

2} Instagram!

It's finally hit my life, albeit 20 million years after everybody else.

(below: our 1st anniversary clock)

3} Spotify

This is one cool program, it looks a lot like iTunes, and you can search for every song pretty much! Whole albums, and just instantly listen for free. I've been looking up artists that I used to listen to as a teenager, and all sorts of long-lost obscure singles. Amazing trip down memory lane! 
If you want it, just google it and download the program.

Those are my little midweek joys, what's yours?



  1. wow Han! I cant wait to come to visit Jason Bastian and You. In my case the weeks just could not be fast enough ;)

  2. Yay for family! That is something to look forward to for sure.

    So sorry to hear of Jase's job loss :-( How terrible for Ballarat. Praying for God's provision, and for you guys to just rest in Him.

    Love the clock!

    1. Yes, only 4 days to go now!!

      And thank you for your prayers.. we really appreciate them.


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