Monday, 13 February 2012

::our very firstest wedding anniversary::

Never has a day looked so sugar sweet on the calendar

:: 12th February ::

Uh-huh, we celebrated 365 blissful days together just this Sunday gone. I know it's cliche, but it did fly! Every memory of the wedding is so clear in my memory; it feels about 6 months ago, max.

So our pre-thought, pre-arranged, carefully picked celebration plans went completely shot on the weekend. I couldn't believe it. Thankfully, it turned out quite a treat in the end. Here's how it goes...

We are in this motel club, which gives one free night per year (and good deals on all other nights). We had saved our free night for one of the more expensive,  luxurious Mercure motels out in the gorgeous Yarra Valley. Surrounded by plenty of vineyards & wineries.

{day one ~ day before our anniversary}

{stopping off at an old tower}

After a LONG pleasant drive, we arrive at the impressive resort, only to be told that although we were indeed booked in that night, it wasn't as a freebie. Great. I explained that I had indeed 'ticked the free box' when I booked it online. They couldn't do anything from their end, I had to go through the club. So I rang the club (why do they have to employ Indians?? My choked up voice doesn't work on them). They couldn't/wouldn't book my free night for that night. "Sorry m'am, there are no compli-man-ta-ry nights available too-nayt." Me: "But I'm here at the motel now and they said they have vacancies!" Him: "Let me check.............. I'm sorry m'am, there are no compli-man-ta-ry nights available too-nayt."

I left in tears, Jase was so good about it and offered that we just pay for the night. $300? I don't think so sunshine.

We decided we would just continue being tourists for the day, go to this cool German chalet buffet restuarant for dinner & go home. Anyway, this was Saturday, technically not our anniversary (so that means our anniversary technically wasn't ruined).

{my amazzzzing lamb souvlaki for lunch}

{us looking cute, I know...}

We get to the resturant at 3pm; too early for dinner but hey we didn't think to reserve a place, so we better check. Oh the place was gorgeous, so authentic, up on top of a massive mountain (it snows in winter there), surrounded by rainforest & inside i could see the warm glow of lanterns, and smell hot hearty German soups, breads & schnitzels. An equally wonderous German accent in a bow-tie & vest greeted us with a genuine smile that made me realize I would very much enjoy tonight. "How are you both?" Us: "Hi, do we need to reserve seats here?" Him: "Vor afternoon tee, no." Us: "What about for dinner tonight?" Him: "Ach, we are vully booked, not even a seat! Best to book 2 veeks in advance."

I couldn't possibly be angry at him.

So, now what?

We headed home, stopping by a very well placed chocolate shop. And better prices AND range than I've seen anywhere to be honest. Fuelled up there and also grabbed a bottle of champagne & rented a movie for the night.

{day two ~ our actual anniversay}

We woke up late, had our 'wishing-you-the-happiest-first-anniversary' snuggles and then lay there, trying to figure out what to do with our day. We came up with:

1} Go to the cinema, see "Muppets" coz Jase has been wanting to.
2} BOOK a private mineral spa bath & green apple scrub for two, at the Hepburn Springs Day Spa & Bathhouse Resort
3} Go out to dinner & dessert at the local Mercure Inn (also BOOKED)

Suddenly we realized we better get a move on. We had 10mins to get to the cinema & buy our tickets. I threw on the first combo I could wrangle out of our wardrobe & brought my makeup bag in the car, stealing Jason's rearview mirror to apply it (my passenger side doesn't have a mirror??).

1} I love living in town. We got to the cinema in time. The Muppet movie was great, loved it & thought it was cute that it was about a couple celebrating their 10th anniversary.

2} Straight from the movie, we went through a very unromantic Hungry Jack's drivethrough and went straight to the Day Spa. Never would we spend so much again on a 1hr soak in a stone spa full of natural mineral water, but golly it was worth it. They treated us like royalty. And the green apple & pear scrub, wash & moisturisers they provided were far making me swoon.

{it did bubble, quite violently}

3} Home from the Spa, we were feeling pretty sleepy from all that soaking, so we collapsed for a bit but then had to get ready for our dinner. We hadn't dined at that Mercure before, and it was lovely. Funnily enough, we were like the only ones there for the first hour, so we obviously didn't need to book. It's always the way, isn't it?! The waiter was so proper, he even put my surviette on my lap. I chose a lovely homemade gnocchi with a warm walnut & asparagus salad, with a glass of Little Vesper. Followed by flourless polenta & orange cake, served with a creamy tower of something which I enjoyed muchly. :)

And that, concluded our first anniversary.
As you can see, completely different to what we had planned, but better anyways <3.

 {like my audrey hepburn neclace?}


  1. You look so beautiful and blissfully happy honey. Sometimes the most treasured moments are completely spontaneous and unplanned, so just go with it!! :) Cant believe its been 12 months... Seems like just last month we were making the invitations at your place!! xoxo

    1. Yes, I'm not always one for spontenaity (can't be bothered spell checking that!) but it can be fun :).
      Thanks darl x

  2. Congratulations! Hard to believe it has been a year. :-) <3 Oh, and I *love* your Audrey Hepburn necklace. You have lovely and feminine style, Hannah. :-) xo

  3. I agree with Em - love the necklace! So glad your day ended up special despite the disappointments. It's frustrating when things don't go the way you planned, but often they end up better anyway! That day spa sounds heavenly...

  4. Thanks Bec! Gotta love thift-shop finds ;).
    Yes, it turned out amazing from a point where I could have called it a disaster lol.
    Mmm the spa was something I've always wanted to do.


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