Thursday, 9 February 2012

::dental woes::

To eat, or to get cavities; that is the question.

Seriously, after the news I got, I wonder if it is worth the pleasure of eating at all.

How does 8 fillings and a cap sound?

Or a $178 examination, $115 clean, X-ray at the hospital and...

$1587 worth of fillings.

I did indeed feel sick to my stomach.

And I take care of my teeth too! I went to the dentist only 1.5 years ago. I brush well, after breakfast & dinner. And have been flossing... um for the last year... off & on...

She asked me if I am a sweet tooth snacker. Well... does morning grapes & afternoon almonds count? No I don't drink juice or softdrink. So apparently I've just got gaps in between some of the back teeth which love to be packed tight with almonds (or... evening chocolate... come on!!) for the night. Even after I brush.

I sped home, working out all the holidays we will need to forever cancel. Sat down on the computer, googled health insurance funds, and within 2 hours I was a gold member of BUPA. There is a 2 month waiting period, but that's ok, I'm in no pain.

I should get 75% back now (on the future bills). Even if I only save us a measly $100 on the otherwise-cost, I will be celebrating.

Now I better go and floss after that sultana I stole. Lesson learnt.

(Phillips made toothpaste?? ^^)


  1. Oh dear! You are a bit of a sweet tooth aren't you ;-) Yay for a health fund though.

    1. Mmm guilty :) But I've always taken good care of my teeth. And my sweet tooth has died down a bit. But it goes to show that what we do in the past can come back and bite us.

  2. Goodness me! Apparently dental is totally the career to get into then...! Grace got her wisdom teeth out today = $1000 for a 15min operation!!

    1. Ps. got your letter today- yayyyy!! ;) xox

    2. Wow, $1000 is actually cheap for wisdom teeth. It's usually $4000 for all four! Did your parents have insurance?
      Dentists might earn a lot, but I think they have the highest rate of suicide don't they? Or is it insanity? Because of all the mercury they have exposure to... ANYWAY!

      P.S. Oh goodie ;) x

  3. wow! that's crazy! I'm glad im not yet there...Mexico is super cheap even with good dentists

    1. Really? Lucky you. Yeah Australia has a good health system, but I think that excludes dental!


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