Wednesday, 25 January 2012

::holiday finale {part fünf}::

I'm going to throw you the last few photos of our Christmas holiday trip to Tasmania... 

We needed a quiet day away, so we drove to Hobart and took a charming motel by the river.

One of my biggest priorities was to take husband dear to the Valhalla Icecream factory (the one that supplied our icecream buffet at our wedding). It's tucked away so unobtrusively, like a lonely milk bar, yet it has over 200 resellers.

... so delish...

Another place we made time for was the Mona Museum. It's a bit of a... controversial exhibition (not that we knew this). Just heard so many raves about it. Next thing I knew I was underground in this ultra modern, dramaticly dark series of floors, trying to look for something that wasn't going to make me chuck or give me the creepies. Seriously, some of that stuff was from the most
twisted of minds.

...quite educational.

Oh, and we waited an HOUR to get in.

at least this truck made from house lace trimming was rated G... 

I wanted the chairs.

this was dropping water in shapes of words. Cool.

This is a pig skin/hide... tattooed with Disney Princesses. Ok... a whole wall of them.. only thing is, the pigs were tattooed alive - THEN skinned.

So we'd had our fill of the craziest art ever excreted by the human brain. 
We moved on.

Don't you love exploring a new place, looking for somewhere to eat!
We found pizza.

... in a restaurant all to ourselves :)
indeed, I do love our life.


  1. That ice cream looks sooo good ... I could go for some right about now!

  2. You went to MONA?!?! Hahahaha! ;-) 'controversial' is a lovely way to put it :-p Oh dear the stories I've heard about that place...! Had a great time reading your lovely holiday stories... Miss you xox

  3. Aimee - That icecream is super amazing too... and comes in about 30 flavours ;). Hey, isn't it winter where you are though? lol

    Bek - Yeaahhhh my dad has even been there with a busload of kids and I was surprised I wasn't warned! And it was $20 each (free for Tasmanians only... darn). Glad you've been enjoying my silly stories!

  4. Sounds like the last leg of your trip was fabulous! That art museum is amazingly disturbing. lol.


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