Thursday, 19 January 2012

::the boy makes a pointy kitty::

Again we shall take a break from my awfully drawn out (& most likely ultra boring) Christmas holiday blurbs (indeed there is one left) and concentrate on some cutness that happened the other day.

Jason, wishing to improve his fabric manipulating skills, dragged out the sewing machine and made the below seen "pointy kitty".

All by 'imself.

The all-glam ready-for-action shot:

oh, and the pattern:

I helped him pin, that is all! ~ such perty pins....

Jase sewed around all the bends... inverted... stuffed...

the head was tacked on... We had no buttons for eyes so felt came to the rescue:

VOLA! 2 hrs and dinner eaten carefully around piles of fabric later:

well done baby! But it's missing something.... ah yes.



  1. Does the pointed kitty serve a purpose, or is it only an ornament?

  2. No lol, pretty purpose-less... just cute sewing practice. :)

  3. OOOoooooooooh Jason needs to sell these!!!! I'm so serious Cuzzie, he'd gain a cult following with these too-cute characters. I'd buy them!

  4. Teehee.. we do want to open an Etsy story someday soon!

  5. You two are so cute together!


  6. Wow, tell Jason I say great job ... those are totally Etsy shop worthy! I think the doily was the perfect touch. I hope i'm one of the first to know when you guys go into business so I can heart your shop ;)

  7. Teehee Lauren ;)

    Thankee Aimee! I'll totally let you in our shoppette when it is born ;).


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