Sunday, 12 August 2012

:: bit of a potter in the soil ::

I feel like I haven't posted for ages, and that's probably because I haven't. Apart from a lack of action/motivation in these drizzly winter months, I've not been feeling my best. On the mend now I think.

One little excitement we've had is changing our front garden a bit. There were these big grassy bushes which I didn't really like, all mixed up with other weird bushes. Totally no aim to the game. So we ripped them up (massive job. Jason wacked at the root lump of those beasts for about 3 hours straight with the pick) and replaced them with a French lavender hedge (which you probably can hardly see.. the plants are just babies) and a row of rose standards (them lovely cottagey ones on sticks).

I absolutely loved working away in the sun with Jason. It was a very bonding experience. :)

Couple of before and afters:

(P.S. The letter box is still there in the right hand photo.. it's just a bit shiny :))
(P.P.S. Spot the Jason)

I'm looking forward to lovely iceberg roses and bunches of fresh lavender!



  1. Good work! Garden transformations are the best!!

  2. Mmmm pretty combo - roses and lavender. Sorry you've been feeling blah :( Spring is on it's way! Have a good week xo

  3. Looks good friend! Hard garden work always pays off :)

  4. Thank you everyone! Yes, keeping my eyes peeled for more sun!

  5. This looks great! And I'm sure you will be even more happy with it once they grow up. :)

  6. Those roses are going to look AMAZING!

  7. Yep, I just can't wait to see these babies in bloom!


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