Wednesday, 2 May 2012

:: things that make humpday not so lumpy #10 ::

1} New carpet installed!!

Don't get me started on the stress this has given us. It's a huge story; we've been badgering the installation company for a date for weeks and weeks. Because we needed to get it preapproved with our solicitors so that we could get a document drawn up for early access to the property (we don't move in for another 1.5 weeks). They kept saying they'd have a date for us soon, and promised us they'd be able to install it before our settlement date. Anyway, this MONDAY morning, they rang to say they could do it TUESDAY 8:00AM. Less than 20 hours notice!! Not enough time to get solicitors to drop everything and draw up an agreement to be signed by both parties! And if we didn't agree to Tuesday, we'd have to wait another 3 weeks. Unfair! We paid in full weeks ago.

But we'd been waiting so long for this, so we rang our estate agent (Lisa), and decided to give it a shot. Our solicitors first said it was impossible, but then said if we could get there before 5pm, they'll have the document ready. 4:30pm we signed it, and it was to go to the house seller's solicitor for them to sign straight away. 5:00pm, the installer guy (Ben) rings, asks if it's a go ahead. We said as far as we knew, yes. We said he'd be right to start at 8am.

9pm, Monday night. Lisa rings and said that she rang the seller's solicitors at 5pm and they hadn't recieved anything yet, so she legally couldn't let Ben in at 8am the next morning. Oh no! We didn't ring Ben, but hoped that it might just sort out in the morn.

8:15am, Tuesay morning. Ben rings; "Where are ya's??!" Me: "Arrmm, we did our part last night, I don't know about the others. I'll ring Lisa and get back to you." Lisa: "Hi darl, sorry, haven't heard that the others have signed, so I can't let the installer in. But I'm heading to the seller's solicitors now to find out. I'll ring you as soon as it's resolved." I ring Ben: "Yeah, Lisa is.. umm... on her way to the solicitors now. Hey, here's Lisa's number. Talk to her fro now on. My hands are tied."

9.30am, haven't heard anything else. I'm wringing my hands at work. Suddenly, Lisa is calling. "Yes?" Lisa: "Sorry hun, turns out that the seller's solicitors haven't even got the document. Yours didn't send it on yet." WHAAAAAAAAAT??!!! That poor installer Ben has been sitting out there all this time. I felt so rotten, even though it wasn't our fault. Fancy giving us such short notice! We told them so many times it was a complicated 'early-access' situation. Then finally, 10:05am, a text from Lisa: "The keys can now be released." Thank God! Argh. Two hours later than planned; I hope I haven't wrecked Ben's day.

So tonight we went over after work today and peeped inside the windows. It's actually in - yay!

2} Birthday dinner tonight for our friend Donna

It was so lovely to be invited to a Wednesday night celebration. Just the thing to brighten up a working week! I'm looking at the online menu presently.. I'm thinking the Cajun Lamb Pizza...

3} ALDI has Jalna yogurt this Saturday!!!!

For only $3.99 too! This is exciting for me because Jalna Vanilla "Pot-Set" yogurt is what gets me up in the morning (on the days I can afford it!). It is over $6.00 in Coles/Woolworths.

If you are going to tell me you've never had it, you are missing out.


  1. Oh Boy that pizza!!! I havent had pizza in ages. new Carpet looks great. Is it swede?

    1. No, I don't think you can get swede carpet! It's just got a thick pile (threads) so it kind of moves around and leaves 'tracks'. lol

  2. Don't get you started?! :-P
    Sounds like a nightmare :-S

    That pizza sounds incredible.
    And thanks for the heads up about Jalna yoghurt - Isaac's favourite food at the moment, and I'm always lamenting how expensive it is.

    1. Haha, well sometime people like a story :P

      Oh goodie - I was hoping someone would find my Aldi advertising useful! And it lasts for AGES in the fridge (even after use-by lol) so stock up!

  3. oh Wow! Donna gets a mention ... glad you guys had a nice time :-)

    ps. Carpet looks fantastic

    1. Teehee, it was great, ESPESH that cake!!!! Swoon.


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