Wednesday, 18 April 2012

:: things that make humpday not so lumpy #8 ::

1} Hubby cooking dinner for me.

2} Kombutcha tea day!


Every 10 days I get to bottle up a fresh batch of kombutcha tea. Warning: this is going to look weird. It's the yummiest thing though, composed of a mushroom/fungi type thing that eats sugar and produces a sparkling iced tea :). It's very good for you, and aids your digestive system, so 1/2 a cup before each meal will help with no bloating! And no, I don't know where you can buy a mushroom... they keep growing new ones and you give them to friends. I got mine from my mummy :).

1. Big jar of kombutcha that's been a'brewin'.    2. Transfered into bottles for a'chillin'.
(yes I'm sad and don't own a funnel, hence the upside down bottle with it's bottom cut off)

3. The 'mushroom' floating on top of the brew (just to clarify, it's non-alcho).
4. The mushroom in a bowl. Mmmmm.....!

What is it made of, you ask? So, to make a new batch, it's just a cup of sugar (which the mushroom eats, so when I finally get to it, it's sweet but without the calories of sugar! All turns to bubbles :), 4 black tea bags, and 1 rooibos tea bag, soaked in boiling water then put in the empty jar, filled up with water, then back in goes the mushroom to float on top for 10 days!

3} ... and I don't have a third happy thing for this Wednesday. 
I'm off to compare home and contents insurance, along with transferring money between superannuation funds. Lovely!


  1. Ok, this does sound very weird. I'd have to try before I was convinced. And it'd have to be really yummy :-P
    Yay for boys cooking dinner!

    1. Haha, it IS very yummy. Tastes very similar to sparkling apple juice to me. I blind-tested it on two fussy boys and they both wanted more... then saw the mushroom :P

  2. We are making kombutcha tea still, n I'm the one who makes it :P

    1. yay! Good stuff Tim. I wish I had as many on the go as you... I have to ration it around here!

  3. I've heard of this kombutcha business before, and was totally weirded out. But if it's good for you...well maybe it's worth a try! I know Paul would dig this!

  4. It's sort of like making your own homemade ginger beer (ever done that?) but you don't have to feed it everyday. Jason can't get enough of the stuff.


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