Sunday, 15 April 2012

:: love letters on your fingertips ::

We have been enjoying the strangest sunny weather the last few days; almost a week now of bare, blue skies and air just bursting with sunshine. I almost hold my breath every day when I'm out in it, praying it will never go away. Because winter is coming, and where I live, winters aren't very kind. So I'm definitely taking advantage of this unexpected summer shot.

One thing I got to try over the weekend, was some nail fanciness. I'd been curious as to how these 'stickers' worked, and I'm liking them. Obviously they are a bit of a cheat, but until I get some more nail gear (and time) these will do fine :).

So you start with this niffy little packet, which includes most of the equipment you will need. First thing is to prepare your nails.

1. Push back your cuticles with the slanted, flat end of the stick.
2. File back the tips of your nails until they are smooth and even.
3. Buff your nails with the smoothest side of your nail file so the stickers have a slightly-rough surface to grip onto.
4. Give them one final sweep with nail polish remover to ensure there is no leftover oil or dirt (important step).

5. Find which stickers match your nail shapes best.
6. Peel the layers apart.
7. Apply carefully to your nail.
8. Smooth down with the side of your stick.

9. (sorry about the fuzzy shot) Flip the excess down over the top of your nail and use the medium side of your file to break it free.
10. Smooth off all edges of your new nail.

I also like to finish off with a couple of coats of clear polish, just to ensure they last the full 10 days I'm promised.

Romantic, no?


  1. Would love to try them! Where did you get them, Han?

  2. Thanks everyone! And Fi, I just got them from Priceline Pharmacy... there's a huge range!

  3. Wow, rather elegant, I like them. Reminds me of Paris. ; )
    Gook xx

    1. Well HEY there! :-D Paris huh ;)


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