Sunday, 23 March 2014

:: Mr Willem at 12 months::

Ahhh, my baby is one!

Fastest year ever. But one of the most fun, and least regrettable!


Age: Numero Uno!! 12 months! 1 year! 
Favourite food: Cubes of roasted eggplant, and zucchini! Loves 'em.
New tricks: Pointing at evvvvverything. And grunting.
Words: I reckon I can safely say "duck" is in there now. No other words but is a lot better at communicating in general (pointing to what he wants, making it very clear when he's had enough food, etc).
Mobility: Crawling & furniture walking still only.
Sleeping: He's slept through the last 2 nights! Fingers crossed this is his "thank-you-for-raising-me" present??!
Teeth: 3 on the bottom (funny lop-sided look it gives him!), 4-ish on the top.

That's it, a year. I feel like I've been kind of sitting on alert, waiting for this day. If I had to give an answer 'why', it's probably something to do with the thought that once you get past one, you're out of the scary "little delicate baby" zone. The whole first year is all about keeping them alive and making sure they don't suffocate/get dropped/choke/eat tomato too early/are warm enough/etc. It's like I've finally passed the test and can relax a bit. Not really of course, but you get my drift.

I'm probably also relieved because his allergies have settled down a lot, and I'm able to have a wheat cracker, spoonful of icecream or bite of cake here and there without any reaction on Willem's part. It just makes life that little bit easier, and I don't have to go without when a label has "wheat starch" as the last ingredient. I also managed to breastfeed for a year, which I was really hoping to be able to do! The type of formula he would have had to have (with his sensitivities) was just full of so many synthetic nasties.

Willem is so precious to us and has such a beautiful nature. It's exciting seeing him remember things that we've taught him and realizing the extreme influence (honour!) we have. Being a parent is something that you can never really prepare yourself for, but when you become one - you're ready. There is no greater responsibility than protecting & loving a mini human in readiness to make a difference in this world. Looking forward to meeting the other little people God has lined up to gift us with (in His timing).

(Note: This will be the last time I set up the grey blanket and do the whole "stay there" bizzo. It's now a near impossible task!)

{ below: love this one... look at his little feet }

So much love for you!!


  1. What a gorgeous little man. You and J should be super proud of yourselves! If my kids turn out half as cute I'll be pleased :)

    1. Thanks Cody xxx :). And goodness know your babies are going to be deeeeeeeelicious!!! ;)


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