Saturday, 15 February 2014

:: No-Spend March ::

Money is the biggest pain ever, agreed?! I hate the word & hate the dependency.

Our family already lives on a tight income, and we're in the habit of buying 2nd-hand where possible, sourcing cheaper groceries & making weekly deposits into our utility accounts to avoid ever receiving 'the bill'. But after a few unusual expenses lately, and a car upgrade, I'm feeling the urge to try that little bit harder and see if we can restore the savings account slightly. There's been too much double-dipping for my liking! 

So when I came across this "No-Spend Challenge" on the Living Well Spending Less Blog, I wanted to give it a shot. There is a day-by-day plan to get you through a whole month of spending zero on anything (except absolute necessities) and using what you have in your pantry and freezer. There is also a plan of attack for organising your pantry, and each room of the house (one day per room), so you get a bit of a spring clean out of the bargain as well! That got my attention ;).

So Jase and I are committing to the month of March, and although we probably won't see a massive amount of difference to our habits, I'm excited to get more organised, and hopefully find more innovative ways to keep the money in the bank and use what we have.

Anyone else want to join me?!

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