Thursday, 23 January 2014

:: Mr Willem at 10 months ::

Age: 10 months
Favourite food: Lentil, leek & carrot hotpot (this is a meal that we all eat).
New tricks: 1) Clapping hands. 2) Pulling to standing on some lower objects.
Words: Dad & Mum, and I'm thinking maybe 'dog' (which is just 'guh', the last half of 'dog')??
Mobility: Crawling. He still pulls himself around on his belly when he wants to go fast (he helps himself to the whole house now) but he crawls properly when he has just a short distance to go.
Sleeping: Not too bad. Day naps are awesome (2x 2 hours). He's dropped his early evening nap and goes to bed about 8:30pm. Wakes once at the moment, sometimes twice. 
Teeth: 2 on the bottom, and I think the top two aren't far off.
This was by far the hardest photo shoot I've done! Willem kept coming for the camera, and I also had little-Miss-1-year-old to babysit that day, and she kept trying to attack my backdrop. Finally got a few shots.
Willem is getting cuter (if that's possible :P) and more fun for us every day. He's still a very calm baby which makes it easy when we want to go places. He's enjoying his food a lot more, and wants to eat everything that we are eating. He loves sucking on [cold] hot chips, eating entire peeled nectarines, and cubes of homemade gluten free bread that I leave on the floor for him to collect.
Next Tuesday he has his allergy testing, which I'm very excited about. Not sure how accurate it will be (you hear stories about breastfed babies' immunity hiding the results) but keen to hear what they have to say.

I feel like "aged 1" is coming up far too fast. It already feels like we have a little 'boy' rather than a baby at times. I'm loving being a mummy, it's very rewarding.




  1. Hooray for Beena!

  2. Your photos make me want to pick him up. He's Gorgeous! Good going all round. x x x

  3. Willem is too cute, & I love his name!!! Happy ten months!!


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