Tuesday, 24 December 2013

:: Mr Willem turns 9 months ::

Age: 9 months
Favourite food: Chicken risotto! So good to be able to feed him some of our normal food instead of especially preparing something.
New tricks: 1) Turning book pages. 2) First tooth! You can just see the white tip, on his bottom jaw in the photo above (on the right hand side, our right).
Words: Dad & Mum, though not saying it as frequently as he used to.
Mobility: I'd love to boast that he's crawling, but, he isn't. He's twisting around on his bottom while sitting, and sometimes moves a bit when on his belly. But yeah.
Sleeping: Ugh. Waking a heap while his teeth are coming through. The occasional good night where he only wakes once, but otherwise I'm up 3-4 times.

Our usually so-placid little guy has been a bit out of sorts in the last 2 weeks, which we are attributing to his teeth. He's been a bit clingy and went off his food for a few days. Things have picked up this week though.

While I was trying to take photos for his 9th month, he wouldn't smile at first. And then whenever I got him to smile he would start bouncing on his nappy and flapping his arms at the same time, making for blurry motion shots. So I flipped to action mode on the camera, and got a couple of pretty hilarious ones.

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  1. Awwwww Sooooooo Cuuuuuuute!!!!!


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