Sunday, 2 June 2013

:: week 3 sugar free ::

So here I go, commencing my third week of the sugar detox. This is where the weaning process ends, and the absolutely-no-sugar-in-body starts. So for the next 3 weeks, I won't be eating any fruit. 
Sounds a bit silly, but when you realize that an apple can contain about 7 teaspoons of sugar (fructose, which is the sugar that makes us fat) it gets a bit scary! It kind of makes sense to me though, because in the past when I've tried to be 'healthy' and just have fruit for lunch, I find I don't lose any weight at all. In fact, I usually still end up bloated and gain a bit of weight! Once the detox is up, I will go back to fruit, but only 1-2 pieces a day.

Did you know that when we eat things that are sweetened with glucose, nearly every cell in our body can use it, so it's usually "burned up" immediately after consumption. But when we eat things that are sweetened with fructose (table sugar is 50% fructose/50% glucose), our liver is responsible for metabolising it, and it's usually too much for the liver to handle - and it turns it to fat. So when we have a big bowl of fruit salad, sure we might be getting Vitamin C... some fiber... etc, but the amount of sugar that our liver gets hit with mostly gets converted into fat cells.

Veggies are full of all the same vitamins & minerals as fruit, so I won't be missing out! And I've been very satisfied snacking on things like this below. Yes, that's cream cheese.

(gluten-free, vegan, have the snap of a high quality cracker, and tasty!)

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  1. Good on ya Han, keep it up. Crackers!!!!! Cheeeese Grommit!!!!!!


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