Friday, 28 June 2013

:: Mr Willem at 3 months ::

My bubba is 3 months old!
We've had 13 people staying in our house for the last week, hence why this post is almost a week late. My whole family are finally here and have met their little grandson/nephew. It's been just wonderful watching them loving him. I'm actually glad that Willem was this age when they first got to play with him, as he is so interactive at this age. He's been passed around and around, and I'm almost missing the boy. Definitely a holiday for my arms!

Willem is such a happy boy, I know I keep saying it, but he really is. We've had multiple day trips out with the family, including a big DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) shopping trip in Melbourne and he's just been content with prambulatoring (yeah I made that word up) the big busy surroundings. I reckon this would have to be one of the easier ages to get around with a baby, as he's not yet on solids so you don't have to pack a lot of stuff. I love traveling light; I mostly leave the nappy bag in the car and just chuck a couple of spare nappies, a thin suit and some wipes in the pram's back pocket along with my purse & phone. If we hit some baby-emergency we'll just head back to the car. So far, so good though.

He's not yet rolling, but fairly close. He lays on his back and curls himself right around to see things, and also loves tummy time. He loves baths too (as he always has) and nappy changes. In fact, nearly he loves everything. Except when people hold him horizontal in their arms (which they always seem to do). He likes to be upright and viewing the world like a big boy I think.

He started laughing about a month ago, and it's so cute. He also 'talks' a lot, mostly on very serious, brow-furrowing topics. It's hilarious.

{jumper kindly knitted by Sarah Carter & booties by Great Grandma}


  1. What a cutie. Cuz you're blessed with an easy bub! Xx

  2. Totally adorwable! You are very blessed indeed Hannah :-D

  3. We all love him. Doing a great job, Darling.We just arrived home and missing you already.


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