Tuesday, 23 April 2013

:: Mr Willem turns ONE MONTH ::

This little smoochable fellow has been in our home for 1 whole month (but in our hearts for a lot longer).

I don't want to bore everyone with a mother's endless praise, but Willem is just such a good little guy, he deserves that we recognise this! Hahaha...

So currently he wakes only once per night for a feed about 3-4am. When he first arrived, he was waking twice (1am, 4am) for feeds. This doesn't sound too bad, but each time he woke, we'd be up for an hour by the end of it. By the time he finished feeding, he'd have pooed (he's a poo machine, ever since birth when he entered the world in a flood of his own creation) and would need changing, sometimes twice, then more feeds - then burping time. He doesn't front up with his burp as easily at night time when he's all floppy on my shoulder, asleep. This would drag on because he always has a burp, so there was no sleep for me until it was out. If I laid him back in his bassinet, he'd start "wind-grinning" as a first sign, and then end up writhing, cringing and grizzling. Once that burp is out though, he's back to peaceful deep sleep till 8am.

But the burping is a little more quick to happen now, especially since mummy is figuring out little tricks to get them to pop. And he doesn't always poo per feed now. Phew! So the one hour sessions are down to about 1/2 an hour.

Once we both get up at 8am and I've fed him, he's super happy to be left on his own (for 20 mins anyway lol). I take this chance to run his bath (we do this every second day). He loves his bath! And I've got this awesome rubber ducky which has a temperature gauge on it. Fantastic to be able to throw it in and make sure the water isn't too hot/cold. Sometimes it's really hard to tell the temperature, esp when my hands are cold and I don't want to dunk my elbow in. I really recommend getting the bath done at this time, as they are usually more docile after having had a huge sleep and a big feed. And besides, bathing is fiddly and annoying, so getting it out of the way before you're even out of your own PJ's is the only way it's gunna get done.

After bath, he gets lots of smooching before I pop him in his bouncer (life saver) and sit on the couch with the laptop/book, bouncing him until he nods off (doesn't take long). Then I buzz around doing whatever housework I can until he wakes again. The arvo is pretty similar. It's true that he hardly cries, except when he has a good reason. Like, when he's been awake for ages and I know he's ready to drop to sleep, he'll have a little cry. This is when I wrap him up in muslin as tight as possible, and pop him back in the bouncer to fall to sleep. His dummy/binky/pacifier aids this process immensely. :)

I know I don't have to apologize for lack of blog posts lately, but I want to. I'm also having a little extra trouble coming up with content that doesn't involve Willem, especially since he's pretty much all I do right now! If anyone has any ideas for me, or something they'd like me to write a post about (can be anything.. meal plans, healthy ingredients, product review, house organisation, styling, whatever) that would be a good help, and a bit of fun yeah?!

Love Han xo


  1. Sooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!! I want to pick him up and cuddle him...

    Oh yes, I have plenty of ideas for posts.

    1. House organisation.
    2. Home organisation.
    3. Dwelling organisation.
    4. Day organisation.
    5. Schedule organisation.
    7. Routine organisation.
    8. Planning.
    9. PLEASE HELP ME BE ORGANISED!!! I wish I was you!! You're the best organiser EVER!

    Love from Diana!

    1. You crack me up Diana!! I'm not that good, I just try to make life work for me lol. Anyway, how am I supposed to give you advice on routine organization when I've only got one happy newborn and you have 2 active toddlers!?

      I'll try and help! xx

  2. Willem is so cute! Happy One Month old!
    {and I don't mind baby posts at all! :)}

  3. What a sweet wee doll! That first picture cracks me right up! He looks so "Guy-Smiley"! Sounds like you have the whole Mama thing down pat....the entire time I read the post, I kept thinking to myself, "how does she know he has to burp? How does she know he has good reason to cry". It's amazing to me, it really is. And it makes me excited to know that one day, I'll have that same intuition, and just....know. Keep it up Mama! xo

    1. Haha, you're hilarious! I'd have to admit that handling half a dozen of my own siblings at this size probably gave me a kick start, but you're totally right - when you've got your own bubba, you know them and they know you. And it all makes sense. xx

  4. Dear Darling, Willem is adorable.What a "Hannah" (perfect mother) you are.XXX.

  5. Monster Lunch3 May 2013 at 04:17

    HE'S SUCH A POOCH!!! :) xx


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