Wednesday, 13 March 2013

:: Thursday Thoughts ::

I intended to have this post out yesterday as a humpday thing, but it didn't exactly happen. Right now, I'm squatting on the carpet with the laptop on a footstool, as I get in one of my 5-min squatting sessions of the day. Baby's head please drop!!

I've just turned the slowcooker on. I'm making a naughty Honey Sesame Chicken which I'll probably serve with vermicelli tonight. Counting down the hours, because tonight is when Mummy arrives! So excited... I do hope she doesn't have to kick around with me too long before our precious baby arrives. I've prepared a list of things we can do together. A couple of baby's room projects, a cooking class, and trips around the countryside. Gotta keep active!

Last night we had friends over for dinner and I tried a new Thermomix "All-in-One" meal (where you layer every element of the meal in the Thermomix to cook at once). It was unreal. Such delishness!

So it was veggies on the top layer, Stuffed Chicken Breasts (filled with a red capsicum, zucchini, garlic and mozzarella cheese mash, made first in the T.) in the 2nd layer, sliced potato in the rice cooker basket (resting in the bowl base) and a creamy chicken sauce simmering in the very base. All that took only 30mins to be completely cooked. Making this again very soon!

 Also I want to celebrate pregnancy nails! I have never had my fingernails all be the exact same length, and so strong.. ever! So here's to pregnancy and the many bonuses. Haha.

The nursery is pretty much done! I've taken some photos, but I was really hoping to have the cot painted and in there before sharing (the baby will be sleeping in a bassinet pram for the first few months). Mum and I will work on sanding the cot back and painting it when she is here. So hopefully I can share that soon! If baby comes first, and the cot isn't done, then I'll probably just post the pictures I've already taken.

Can't wait to welcome the lil thing!!



  1. Haha, my nails are the same when pregnant! Unreal.

    All getting very exciting... can't wait for the 1st blog introducing your little one - I do believe he/she will be featured here quite regularly! :)

    Ashlee Jackson

    1. I can't wait for that blog either :P. Feels like it will never happen at the moment lol.


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