Thursday, 21 March 2013

:: nursery reveal ::

I'm so excited to share some pictures of the nursery today! I really wanted to post it after mum had helped me do up the cot, so it's taken me this long to put together some pictures. Mum was brilliant; she sanded and painted the cot (mostly while I napped), and then made a mattress for it by walking to a shop up the road and grabbing a single-bed sized block of new foam for $2, walked back down the street with it in the wind, and then chopped it up with my biggest kitchen knife. Finally, she sewed a fitting cover for it from a lovely $4 piece of thick white linen from the op-shop, bringing the entire cost of the cot to $10, because the cot was only $4 from the op-shop in the first place! I love my mum.

I didn't have a specific theme in mind originally, except that I wanted it to be grey and white, because it's relaxing, easy on the eyes, and also very easy to match with a more gender-specific accent colour in the future.

I put together a couple of inspiration boards, and suddenly I realized that elephants can be quite cute, and could be nice as a subtle theme themselves. I was really cautious of overdoing the elephants though, it had to be an undertone and not become overwhelming and tacky.

So the above are some of my inspiration photos.

And now below, welcome to our bebe's room...........


We don't have another spare bedroom (since Jase takes a whole one up for his studio/music teaching) so we needed to leave a spare bed in here as well. This is the view of the back of the room:

Everything just came together bit by bit. It is now my favourite room in the house and I can't wait to start sharing it with a tiny friend that I'm yet to meet.


  1. So gorgeous! You are amazing! What a beautiful talent you have for decorating things :-)You inspire me - I look forward to owning our own house one day so I can decorate it how I like ;-)
    All the best for the next few days as baby comes and you and Jason settle into being parents to your little blessing. Love Ali Richardson

  2. HANNAH! This is SO SO SO beautiful! I am loving all the sweet little details: the bunting banners, the framed quotes, the colours and all the lovely natural light! Looks fresh, clean and ready for the bubs to move right in! You did a fantastic job friend, I can feel the love through every last excited to finally see your wee one! Come on bebeeee!!!! xo

  3. Very creative! I like the neutral tones and the clean and bright atmosphere. Well done Hannah!

  4. Thanks ladies!! It was pretty fun to do ;)


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