Tuesday, 19 February 2013

:: sunshine, sand, water (and icecream) ::

To think that there will NEVER be another holiday without children from now on. Wow.

Our little week away on the Gold Coast was refreshing, though there were a lot of big days. I coped ok, but I think by day 5 my feet were hurting a bit. We did all the theme parks except DreamWorld, and I basically had to wait at the bottom of every ride and watch the handbags. But I really enjoyed seeing Jason and his mum enjoy themselves. It was supposed to be a combined holiday with Jason's family from the start, but his mum ended up being the only one who could come! It was lovely to see her have some time away, and she hadn't been to the Queensland coast before.

Hope you enjoy these few highlights of the trip!

below: no soft serve icecream for me :(

below: stunt show at Movie World

 below: cute craft shopping

 below: Ben and Jerry's!

below: some of Wet n Wild Waterpark

below: the view from our resort balcony

below: the seal show at Sea World.

below: Anniversary dinner at a traditional German restaurant. So good.


  1. Looks SO nice! Glad you guys had fun. Where is that crafty shop located? Looks vaguely familiar....
    Pity you couldn't take full advantage of Wet n Wild - it's my fav theme park! Next time you'll be going down slides with your little person on your lap ;-)

    1. Totally my favourite theme park too :(.
      The shop is at Montville :)

  2. Wow..you ate so much food! Careful, you might get a fat tummy. *rolls eyes* (Good one Sare, very funny..... :/ )


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