Saturday, 16 February 2013

:: 36 weeks ~ 4 to go ::

So it comes to this.... 4 teeny tiny weeks left! I post fortnightly and it's just getting ridiculous. I will only be posting 2 more photos after this. Maybe even just 1 photo if I go a day or two early!

We've just come back from a very perfect 7 days on the Gold Coast (pictures to come) as a bit of a babymoon before it all begins. We had a wonderful time and I was relieved to complete both flights with no worries. At my doctor's advice, I drunk lots of water (thank goodness I don't have to frequent the toilet any more than usual) and took a 1/2 hourly walk up and down the aisle. Absolutely hated that. Every single face on the plane = stuck on you. But it's better than getting a blood clot. Oh, and I wore the old lady compression stockings to also avoid clotting. So all good!

Yesterday Jase and I attended an all-day (10am - 4pm) birthing class at the hospital. First section was really good. All about the different stages of labour, and at what point to ring/come to hospital. Also what signs are bad signs. I definitely got a lot out of that. The section half involved watching a DVD of ladies in the different stages. Jason found this all a bit disturbing and kind of forgot all the things I have been telling him about how wonderful and peaceful labour CAN be (keeping an open mind of course... anything can happen/go wrong). 

Proof is in the pudding though, so I will keep on with my scheduled relaxation times, and prepare myself to relax every muscle as each contraction 'wave' approaches. The doctors at my last antenatal appointment were very supportive of my ambitions, and said they had heard really good things about the results of purposeful relaxation during labour. Also the maternal child health-nurse at my work said that at a recent conference she attended, they had a speaker on the subject of birthing hypnosis (a conscious and in-control state of hypnosis) and it's becoming widely accepted & noted as effective pain relief option, particularly in Melbourne. Keen to give it a go!

Otherwise, I'm still feeling great; no heartburn or trouble sleeping. Cushions are my new best friend though and I love sitting on them, having them behind me, around me and on my lap while I read/eat/work etc. Actually, I am starting to find the heat very annoying. The forecast looks like 30 for the whole week and I'm not looking forward to it. Just makes achieving things so hard. Washing up in a hot sink is just the worst.

Hope to blog a bit more often now that I'm fluttering around in my nest :)


  1. You look fabulous Hannah!! And your baby bump just keeps growing!! So exciting!! x

  2. Only 4 weeks! Wow, that WILL go quick. And yes, cushions are the best. :-)

  3. You look adorable! Only 4 weeks? I'm sure it will fly by!

  4. So so close!!
    Looking forward to hearing of it's arrival! :)

  5. Thank you sweet girls, I'm looking forward to time flying too!

  6. Finally I can say I look a bit thinner than you... :P
    But you still look incredibly better than me. ;) xx

  7. Most BEAUTIFUL MAMA! You are doing all the right things! This baby is more loved than it will ever know! Can't wait for them to arrive! xo


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