Thursday, 24 January 2013

:: on making home cuter with these ::

As baby's arrival gets closer, I'm getting more and more itchy to make a move on the bare walls of the house. We've mainly been waiting on some professional advice regarding the lead levels in the old paint before doing any sanding/stripping etc. So last night the restorers came around, and the verdict is that it would probably be wiser to replace the current painted ply panels with plasterboard, and more cosmetically pleasing in the long run. Sounds good to me, except for visions of exposed support beams followed by plaster dust coating absolutely everything.

With this being the case, action may not be right around the corner just yet. So I've decided that my picture frames and other display pieces may as well come out of the boxes and find homes on the walls. They can always come down later, and besides, it's nice to change things around regularly anyway.

So the inspiriation is flowing, and there are just so many possiblities it's overwhelming. I stumbled upon several amazing interior design blogs this week though, and I thought I'd share the gold since we all like to soak our eyes into other people's nifty 'corner filling' ideas, and dose up on a good amount of house jealousy...

I could (and will, once I'm on home confinement) scroll for days on this gem. Page after page of homely freshness that is simple, easy on the eyes and the wallet. They have DIY projects and feature many of Europe's top interior designers, linking back to their own blogs. Treasure trove!

An inspiring young family are up to their third project house, and their motto is "reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel." They have also budgeted as low as $5000 for an entire house! Plenty of eye candy and ideas galore.

Both these blogs constantly feed from other sites, so once you see a post on a style you like, you're sure to find a link to a happy place that suits your tastebuds just right.

Now to try and settle on something....



  1. Don't over exert yourself, Darling.I love the page with the mum homeschooling her four children.

  2. I've got the little clock ticking in me too, counting down until the 3rd trimester, and then realising how quickly that will go. It's a little scary to think about, but I'm so excited too about that next stage of life. I like change, and I can't wait for this one.


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