Friday, 9 November 2012

:: german potato salad ::

When my mother married into my dad's thick-as-bratwurst German family, she learnt pretty quickly that no dish was considered complete without fried bacon as an ingredient. This potato salad is no exception with it's generous amount of smokey, crisped fried bacon & onion. An absolute showstopper at every single party, and my brother's 'favourite food'.

Incredibly easy to make, this is my "go-to" whenever we're invited to a BBQ. The first time I made it after getting married and moving out of home, I made it so much like mum does that it set off major homesickness and I had a good old ugly cry!

This recipe is in quite large proportions, but it's easy to drop to a smaller size and add/take away whatever ingredients you like. Just not the bacon.

German Potato Salad

2kg washed potatoes (I used baby chat, skin on)
2 onions (I used one red & one brown)
6-8 rashers of bacon (the $5 bag of Aldi off-cuts is great for this)
6 eggs
bunch of spring onions/shallots
bottle of potato salad dressing (I used Kraft)


1. Cut your potatoes in nice mouthsized chunks and put in a saucepan, covering with cold water. You can also save time (and a pot) by throwing the eggs in to hard-boil along with it.

 2. While that is coming to the boil, chop your onions finely.

3. Cut all the fat off the bacon & throw away. Dice the remaining meat and fry up with the onion in a little olive oil.

4. Chop or snip your spring onions.

5. After the potatoes have been boiling for a few mintues, check they are just tender (not cooked to the falling-apart-powdery stage) and drain them in a colander. Put the potatoes in the bowl you will be serving the salad in, and start peeling the eggs. 

6. There is no need to painstakingly take all the shell off with your fingers when you are only going to chop it up, so cut through the middle of the cooked egg and scoop the middle out with a teaspoon.

Break them all up roughly with a knife.

7. Add bacon/onion, shallots and dressing to the egg/potato bowl and mix. DONE!

Served cold. But, while it's all still warm, get yourself a bowl and eat it right there and then. There is no beating it.


  1. Mmmm mmm I love potato salad! Except I skip on the eggs with mine - not a fan ;-)
    I also make my own dressing which is a cinch (you can make ahead of time) and gets heaps of comments at BBQs.
    Bit of a random mix and I just use my eye for quantities but this is the basic gist:

    plain yoghurt
    sour cream (you can use just one of these or a mix)
    dash of balsamic vinegar
    seeded mustard (about a tsp)
    a good squeeze of lemon - possibly up to a whole one?
    couple of tabs of olive oil

    i think that's it! Oh and some crunchy chopped celery doesn't go astray sometimes for a kick as well....

    1. LOVE the sound of your homemade dressing!! Actually, seeded mustard is my favourite with potatoes & bacon. Must add that next time!

  2. Oh I forgot - most important really! I use a combo of mayo and yoghurt usually not sour cream. The mayo has a tangy flavour which really adds...

  3. It looks delicious! We love Potato Salad, especially on warm Spring & Summer days! :)

  4. I think I might just have to crave this over the next few days!


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