Thursday, 18 October 2012

:: here's to feeling a bit Maroon-5-y ::

So a couple of weekends ago my friend Donna and I finally got to use the tickets we'd been sleeping with holding in our hot little hands for months, and road-tripped to Melbourne to watch Maroon 5 perform live here in Australia!

The place was crazy full and we were crazy starving. So eventually we found some tucker and made our way quick-smart to our seats.

The super gorgeous Don and moi (I don't look too crazy-pumped do I??).

First up was actually "The Cab". I hadn't heard their music before, but they had a good sound. They were from Los Angeles.

Following The Cab were Evermore which were very popular with me back 5 years or so ago. They were very 'authentic' and put on a good show:

One corner of the crowd in one of the breaks:

Then finally - Adam. The backstage screen flickered the big "M" and the crowd went mad. You couldn't hear a thing. Baby starting 'kicking' (like 'tap, tap') for the first time. Not surprised!

Had an absolutely epic time. They played lots of old songs and all the hit new ones. They wrapped up with "Moves Like Jagger" which was just perfect.

The ringing ears & carpark jam afterwards was completely worth it.

I took a couple of short videos with my camera, thinking the sound would be too loud for it, but they actually turned out rather well. So I'm wishing I filmed for longer...


  1. Lol! Glad you had a good night and that's so cute about the bub... I'm sure you'll be telling this story at his/her 21st or wedding... :-)

  2. Looks like a fantastic time! Glad the baby enjoyed it! :)


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