Thursday, 11 October 2012

:: approaching halfway ::

This coming weekend I'll be 18 weeks. Just 2 more to halfway!

I might.... might have felt my first 'movement' today too! People are always asking if I've felt anything, but I think a lot of the time I'm just not paying attention to my belly (it's always gurgling away anyway). This time though, I felt a different feeling - twice within seconds. It was like a warm "bloop"... a smooth sort of quick thing. Very hard to explain.

Not a lot else has changed since the last post. I bought a pair of maternity black skinny jeans which I love..

I'll tell you what else I bought today (actually I'll show you). Chocolate. Chocolate is still VERY much my friend, and although I can GUARANTEE to you that I have not been going berserk with it, this is what I bought today:

They were only $1.90, what was I supposed to do??? And all these types that I hadn't tried.
Don't worry, I usually only get them out when there are a few people over to assist me in devouring it. I also often give them away when someone has helped us with a housey thing (lent us their trailer, delivered some mulch, etc etc). So it's all for a good cause ;) ;).

My weekend is starting off on a very, very exciting note tomorrow night.


They are finally touring Australia, and I was so fortunate to have a friend who is equally keen to hear Adam Levine sing in that 'only' voice that he has. So, so pumped :). Plus they are supported by Evermore (which I did like for a while there) and The Cab (which I am yet to 'research' before tomorrow night). I hope we get good seats and I can get some good piccies to share. It's going to be MASSIVE.

Hope your week has been great, and not as wet and freezing as mine.



  1. Cute! Loving the bump pictures and... squeeeeee! That movement sounds exciting! :-)

    You'll love Maroon 5 - I agree that Adam Levine has a unique voice. :-)


    1. Have you seen M5 before? Totally my favourite male singer ;).

    2. No, I haven't.

      Glad you had a fantastic time... and enjoyed seeing Adam! :-)

  2. Such a cute tiny bump!
    Definitely sounds like what you felt was movement - that's exactly how it feels - a warm bloop sort of thing lol!

    And I WISH I could come and eat chocolate with you ;-)

    1. I WISH you could come and eat chocolate with me too :( Miss you B. x

  3. Your bump is adorable and that chocolate looks delicious. Thanks for making me want some at 7 am. :) Have a blast at Maroon 5. I would love to see them! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    1. Haha, I'm always up for chocolate at 7am ;). Thanks Britt, will definitely share the experience.


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