Tuesday, 25 September 2012

:: the early weeks ::

It’s not longer a secret that Jase & I have our own little person – a perfect combination of the two of us – growing & being moulded by God inside of me. I had all the good intentions of ‘keeping it quiet’ for as long as possible (it’s such a long wait for everyone if you spill the beans too early!) but at least now I can share the journey with you along the way.

So yes, we were trying. This November it will have been a year since we lost our first little gift, and the timing felt right. 2 months later, Aunt Flo was late (which she never is) so I waited a whole three days (I know, I know..) and did a test. Nothing. Oh well, I rushed it anyway. I waited another 3 days – another negative. I spoke to the nurse at work and she told me to do another one after the weekend, and if that didn’t show up, to arrange a blood test.

By this time I pretty much knew I was pregnant.  Still no sign of Aunt Flo, I had the urge to snack constantly to feel right, and my shirt was suspiciously filling out. Monday I popped another test, only to show negative again! I booked in to see my doctor 2 days later. She asked me to do a 4th test before arranging for a blood test. This time, there were 2 wee pink lines. Yiew!!

The good news was, I was already 5 weeks along. Not going to complain there. Doctor arranged for a 7.5 week ultrasound, as she knew my history and thought it would be encouraging to see the jellybean on the screen, and a little heartbeat a-fluttering.

I’ve barely had any morning sickness. I fell slightly nauseaus most of the time between weeks 5-10. It consisted of being repulsed by the stuffy lunch room at work, turned off most savoury foods (except bacon & eggs.... yummy!), and forcing myself to swallow lunch & dinner. Sweet foods (ie. Yogurt, fruit) went down a treat. Ok, and the occasional muffin or chocolate bunny. So much for my planned ‘sugar ban’ too.

Needless to say I nicely placed an extra 4kg around my back and thighs which I could not claim as being ‘baby’. I just had to snack all the time, especially at work, where I felt the most miserable. By 10 weeks though, it was all gone and I felt (and still feel) super normal. I can finally cut back on the snacks, and be a bit more in control about my food choices.

To be continued.



  1. Look forward to sharing this journey with you Hannah! Congratulations again. What a blessing!

  2. I love that picture. It is so sweet! And congratulations again Hannah! This is so exciting and I'm so glad to hear things are going well! Can't wait to follow along with you on your journey!

  3. Wow Hannah! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and Jason :) - Ali Richardson

    1. Thanks Alison! If our bub turns out half as crazy-cute as yours, I'll be over the moon. ;)

  4. My Darling Daughter, I'm reliving the whole, wonderful experience of expecting you. It's an extremely precious time. God bless you, Beautiful.

  5. Hannah the perfect mother to be and Jason God will teach you to be a great father.
    God bless your family. DAD


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