Wednesday, 12 September 2012

:: cycling hidden paths {and good news on the job front} ::

It was a fantastic sunny Sunday last week, and the air was just begging us to get out and feel free. I'd seen some bikers disappear down a track beside a creek that borders the city, and really wanted to explore.

It went for ages, along a creek and hills that made us feel like we were far away from any sort of metropolis. Such a refreshing feeling. It also went through km's of pine forest. I've got a thing for pine forests... does anyone else get that tingling, eerie feeling when you pass through them? Something to do with the quietness they contain, the significant drop in temperature and the glorious pinecone smell?

Plus how blue is our sky? Love.

Today we also got the very welcome news that Jason got chosen for a job!! He's had about 6 interviews in the last month, so at least one of them pulled through! It's working at Vic Roads (which is equivalent to Service Tas, or Queensland Transport, etc... the road government). He came back from the interview really positive about everything it involved, which was different to the other interviews. Bonus is it starts next week! So we are thankful and praising God for that.

(Now I will be able to go get some fitted maternity bras. Hello, I'm dying over here.)


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  1. Awww Hannah congratulations to you and Jason! u guys really deserve it sweetie. Have a blessed day


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