Sunday, 29 July 2012

:: getting crafty ~ country kitchen project ::

Things are starting to get cozy and comfy in our little home, but I've been itching to spruce up the bare walls. I've got a few ideas in mind; some are fast and some are going to take a bit of brainstorming.

This weekend, however, I was able to complete a quick and easy one which turned out nicely. I originally saw the idea in a local framing shop and thought, "I can do that." They used a shadow box frame, and although I did find a nice tutorial on making a shadow box, I had a particular antique frame in mind which I wanted to use for the job. Hence the glass-less effect.

:: country kitchen frame::

you will need:

1 large antique frame
hot glue gun
pile of old cutlery & utensils (I went to a junk store and got the lot)

If your antique frame doesn't have a backing, do what I did and find a clever uncle to cut a piece of ply wood to size and secure it with tacks.

Mix & match your cutlery until you are happy with the arrangement. Then it's as easy as working out which points of the piece of cutlery will touch the frame, and generously applying hot glue to that area.

(a few of mine fell off because the ply wood I was gluing them too was slightly shiny. I fixed this by wiping the wood & the cutlery with metho to ensure a really clean surface)

Leave to dry for half an hour, then you're ready to hang!

Up above my kitchen sink :). And no, those stinky blinds aren't staying.


  1. Just gorgeous! Love this! :-) xx

  2. I love this! So beautiful and great kitchen art! Fantastic job Hannah!

  3. Sooo creative! I have lots of bare walls here too....but it's tricky when you rent and are not allowed to use any adhesives or hooks. I'd love to borrow your brain one day for creative homemaking ideas!

    1. Our real-estate agent said we could use those white hooks with the sticky tab on the back (you can get them from BigW). I thought they might still damage the paint, but they don't! Very impressed. Try those!

  4. What a great effective project! Well done! :) x

  5. Wow Han, way too clev. ; )


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